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Shannon McGovern

A diverse college community is a reward to college students. No matter what ones’ future, many different people will cross your path and you will need to learn how to interact with everyone. The process of learning how to talk to others, how to listen and looking beyond what is on the outside, is what will create diversity. Having factual knowledge between what is going on in the world and what is opinion is also very important. Being successful is about having knowledge about the world and what is around you, which starts with having many experiences and friends. College is the time when one learns about themselves and develops their own knowledge about the world around them.

Diversity expands our knowledge and education when a student can converse with another peer of different background. Having the ability to be a part of a group with all different skills and opinions, is away to reach success. To have teachers who encourage students to interact and talk to one another, is a good teacher. Creating questions and being able to communicate the answers is a very essential skill to have when building cross-culture dialogue. In the work force, no matter the company, employers will at one point or another, will force interaction with someone of a different language or way of communication. Learning how each person sees life is nearly impossible, but being able to listen and learn from each interaction is a skill that will help make a diverse community united. College students are very busy, which normally means only focusing on themselves. Having a diverse campus doesn’t happen overnight, but just simply trying to educate oneself on people around you takes minutes out of the day. Becoming educated on multiple cultures, backgrounds and ways of life is rewarding and  won’t be forgotten.

recent U.S. News article list a number of benefits for promoting diversity. These include helping students develop socially and increasing their knowledge of different cultures leading people to becomeself-ware. The ability to interact with different cultures and backgrounds also prepared college students for future jobs and experiences. Success comes from experiences and adaptability. In life, there is no guarantee one will be partnered with a friend or get a boss that they see eye to eye with. The ability to have the experience of being on a diverse campus not only allows one to learn from others backgrounds, but also receive advice on how to handle situations. Only knowing people who are like you, won’t help one become more prepared for the future.

The way this is going to happen is understanding we are all made the same way, but all have unique qualities. Colleges today are still very segregated, but not necessarily on purpose. Most people think just because they don’t say racial comments, does not mean their actions don’t say it. When people hang around with only people who are like themselves, it makes it harder for people on the outside to get to know you. For example, in my SNC 101 group, I met three people who are exchange students, whom I would have never met if we weren’t in the group together. I got a very different view of SNC from their eyes and I found we are separated because of the classes we took and the language barrier.  The schools do this because they want the students to be able to learn and understand what is going on in a safe environment and not feel overwhelmed. This is a problem I want to change because I think getting rid of the cultural divide would help diversity.

Schools have classes available that teach students about other cultures and backgrounds so they are more educated and obtain a greater understanding of why we are different. It becomes challenging when students chose to not take those classes, but then say they want a diverse community. In my opinion, when people discriminate against others it is because they are not informed. Diversity is a huge problem all over the country and it must start with becoming educated on different cultures, disabilities and backgrounds.

Our college explicitly recognizes the value of diversity. As said in the Saint Norbert College mission statement, “Communio is the ideal of a community united as one”, shows that even small private catholic colleges want this change to be made. Commnio is another way of saying diversity.  Being on a college campus with people who have different cultures and backgrounds will make differences in people’s lives. Students who understand this concept, are more likely to be successful in the future. Communio is one of the many moto’s followed at SNC. Solidarity and communio were two things that I first learned when coming to SNC, and the importance of both words and how our campus should represent them.

I strongly believe that hate crimes would go down if people had factual knowledge about different races and ethnicities. A college campus with a diverse student population teaches the ability to interact and respect one another. Being around people with different backgrounds, values and cultures helps one to be more prepared for the world after college. Even though some might say college campuses have a close to even ratio of culturally diverse students, many tend to stay with people like themselves. Colleges are diverse in way of cultures, religion, disability and with race.  Students on college campuses need to want to learn about others and educated on what makes everyone different, for it to be diverse. Interacting and learning from different people makes the college experience worth it. Being socially aware and knowledgeable allows students to be ready for life after college.


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