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Micah Stovall


It is reasonable to think that college sports are taking a higher priority over education. Major universities spend millions a year for college sports. For example, Joe Nocera in his article, Majoring in Eligibility, claims colleges are taking college sports over education. Nocera makes the overall claim that student athletes go to college to play sports first. He said that college athletes that under perform in the classroom are making it into prestigious colleges because they can play sports well. He is challenging college sports for taking priority over quality education. However, when it comes to this study, people mainly talk about the football or basketball players. The accounts of then other college student-athletes is not in play. Basketball and football produce a huge profit; other college sports simply do not because of lack of interest in the sport. Many student-athletes are well rounded students that continue on in life as professionals in a field they studied. Division III athletes are not just for the sport simply because the chances of going pro are very slim. Instead, those athletes come to college for school, and then play a sport simply for the love of the game. Nocera is talking about a small margin compared to the large scope of collegiate sports. College sports are not a big problem as he suggests because Division III athletics do not represent his model of college athletics.

Division III sports are a perfect representation of what goes right in college athletics. In the article, Division III Athletes are not Gladiators, Zak Ivkovicdiscusses how Division III sports better students college experience.  Ivkovic also suggests the other Division I sports are left out of the argument that college sports are a problem. Basketball and football are a huge money maker and are problematic. However, in Nocera’s article, he forgets to mention the other collegiate sports like swimming, track, and etc. He also argued that college athletes in Division III graduate on time and even become professionals in their field. Division III is the largest division in the NCAA. Division III colleges are not allowed to give out scholarships for sports. Yet more athletes play sports than the other two divisions. It is simple to conclude that student-athletes play sports simply because they love the game. Division III athletes do not get close to any benefits division I athletes receive. Ivkovic also concludes that Division III sports are an upgrade compared to the other two divisions. Division III athletes go to college and are a student first. They strive to receive a diploma first. They play the sport as a bonus to their college experience. The whole experience of playing a sports is enriching for the athletes. I have friends that play basketball, and they put in multiple hours of their time into practice and lifting. They do not do it because they have a full ride. They play division III so they do not get scholarships but why do they still play? They play because they love to play the sport.

College athletics generates millions of dollars. In DeVoes article, College Athletes Deserve to be Paid, he claimed broadcasting stations are paying the NCAA five hundred million dollars just for march madness. This does not include all other factors like regular season games and jersey sales.   However, the athlete gets a free education, free meals, free gear, and are physically active. This is overlooked and it shows that playing sports can help students get free college especially if they cannot afford to go to college. Division III athletes do not get the same benefits as the bigger schools. Division III athletes do not even receive scholarships. College athletes should not get paid especially bigger schools because the athletes receive many benefits and Divion III athletes do not receive as much.

College athletes can graduate with degrees. The fact that college athletes only go to college is to play sports and not graduate with serious degrees is over exaggerated. Athletes can get degrees and go on after college to be professionals in their fields. My friends that play basketball, are in tough classes. Some are biology majors which is my major as well. It is not an easy major and requires a lot of studying time. My friends are successful in their majors and excel while playing a sport. They all expect to be professionals in their fields and put succeeding in college before succeeding in sports. College athletes can take tough classes and excel.

College sports have been criticized by many people. The fact of the matter is many people forget that college sports creates many opportunities. Division III athletics are forgotten mainly because it undermines many arguments. Division III does collegiate sports right. Many people use a small margin of college sports when they argue like Joe Nocera.


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