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Mark Molitor

The one thing someone has to do in every class they take is write.  It could be a sentence, a paragraph, or a paper and so on.  There is no escape from writing.  Everyone has to do it, and it is not going anywhere soon.  Writing is not something that someone can learn in one day.  It is a skill that takes time to be perfected.  If someone wants to learn the skill of writing, then that should be the main focus of one of their classes.  Not an English class where papers are due on a topic going on in class, but a true writing class teaching the basics of writing.  These include how to form a paragraph, how to create a strong point/claim, using evidence to back up what the paper is about are all tools that make a paper a great paper.  To be a student of writing, students must learn from a teacher that has studied how to create strong and great writing.  Writing prepares students for other classes, and it can also prepare them for a possible job that they pursue later in their life.  It has helped me understand what I was doing wrong in my earlier papers.  It was not until college writing did I realize the mistakes I was making in writing, and this was because I had one class devoted to writing.  Every student should be required to take a writing class.

The lessons taught in writing help develop the skills of writing.  Taking a writing class helps developing the skill of writing.  It should not be taught by just any teacher, but by a teacher that studies the skill of writing and writing development.  Joseph Teller writes in his article, “Are We Teaching Composition All Wrong?,” about how writing and reading instruction should be combined in the same course, composition must focus on the process, not product, and students should compose essays that tackle complex issues rather than imitate rhetorical modes.  Teller also explains how revision needs to be strongly emphasized on how important it truly is to a papers development.  Teller describes exactly how my writing class is described.  I agree with the way our class is set up and it helps with creating strong developed essays.  Without this class, I would have never thought about the type of standards and development it takes to create a strong essay.

Many college students are coming into college without the proper skills necessary to write well in college.  They were never taught how to write at a college level, and it shows in their writing.  John Warner offers many reasons on why college students are unprepared for writing.  Werner explains that writing is a skill that does not occur in a single class, a semester, or even over a year long course.  Writing is a skill that occurs over a lifetime, and it takes time to understand the skills and techniques of writing a developed essay.  I could not agree more with what Werner is saying.  He clearly gives evidence that writing happens in every class someone takes, and if no one is taught the correct way to properly write an essay, then it will cause struggle during a student’s college curriculum.  Making writing class a mandatory class will help students understand the importance of working on their writing skills.  It will provide them with better essays, which could definitely lead to better grades on these papers.

When I was enrolled in college writing this semester, I thought it would be a big waste of a class.  I soon learned that the class has taught me more about how to create the best essays that I can possibly write.  I thought I was already a good writer, but I found out that I had much to improve on before becoming a good writer.  In the blog posts I wrote, I was able to focus on different types and styles of writing.  In blog post one, I talked about how I was going to plan on paying for college and making the college experience worth it.  This essay was more about myself, which was an easier process.  I learned how to structure paragraphs and sentences before this blog post and it helped a great amount in the development of my essay.

The next essay I wrote, blog post two, the essay was a response to a question.  I had to pick a side to argue for or against and back it up with evidence and my own personal experiences.  This assignment was good for developing argumentative writing.  I needed to learn the argument and response technique, and that technique was a huge part of my paper.  It helped me establish an opinion, which was my claim, and go into more detail than I thought I would ever have to go for an opinion based paper.  These skills helped prepare me for the development of my third blog post, and without these skills, the third blog post would not have been as in depth that I would want it to be.

Argument and response was the main point of emphasis of the third blog post.  I continue to build off the first and second blog post to prepare me for the third blog post.  I was able to identify the side I wanted to take on a specific topic, and then go into depth on why I believe what I believe and why the reader should as well.  Providing argument and response to the topic, and giving the viewpoints of what others believe on the topic made my essay relate completely to my claim.  It gave reasoning on why we need to keep college athletes from being paid.  The techniques introduced to me, like evidence and argument response paragraphs helped keep my body paragraphs revolving around the main claim of the essay.

Research is an important part of writing.  Finding information that backs up what is stated in an essay can make it more understandable and easier to follow.  Blog post four is a researched based paper.  I talk about how first generation students need to be better prepared for college.  I find information that shows how they are not prepared for college level classes, and what we can do to change the numbers of first generation students dropping out of college.  This blog post is strictly based on finding evidence to support my claim.  College writing has taught me the importance for being as specific as possible when looking and stating evidence.  This tool changed the way I write and improved the way I write.

Writing is a skill that needs to be taught correctly.  No one can escape writing.  It is one of important skills that is being lost.  There are techniques for writing strong essays that cannot be taught in a class that involves writing every once in a while.  Writing is like a language in that in order to get better at it, people need to practice writing.  They need to learn to understand the techniques and styles, so they can be prepared for any type of prompt they may have to write about.  Writing is a way of communication, and without learning the proper way to write, we are basically killing off a form of communication.

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