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AJ Floodstrand

Over the past few decades, student debt has been increasing so high that many Americans have to make life-changing decisions regarding their debt. Susan Dynarksi author of “American Can Fix Its Student Debt, just ask Australia” shared potentially eye-opening solutions to the problem. In the article, she informed the readers of the disparity in the current loan process in the United States. In order to fit the high demands of student loans, countries such as Sweden and Australia have committed and successfully made changes to their loan process. Unlike, the United States, the loan plan overseas includes a student loan friendly ideal. According to Dynarski’s article, the variations include longer time to pay off the loan, career based loan and loans held from their payroll. Virtually, the loan will be paid off without having to decide either to pay off the loan or purchase basic necessities.


My student loans are indeed high numbers and quite possibly affecting my post-college experience financially. I am not alone either, many other students will be affected by student loans. However, I won’t let that totally affect my College experience by gaining  rare valuable knowledge, joining clubs and making every aspect worth it.

I will benefit from receiving a Liberal Arts and Norbertine education because of the vast benefits and options it offers. Opposed from receiving an education from the University of Wisconsin School, Technical School or even a private University, a Liberal Arts-Norbertine education offers viable skills that an ordinary education might lack on. Based upon EdwardJ. Ray’s article “The value of a Liberal Arts Education in Today’s global marketplace” a liberal arts education can pay off, literally. Leslie Moonves and Howard Schultz can account for that matter. Moonves is a Chief Executive Officer of one of the world’s most watched news station, Columbia Broadcasting System (CBS). Schultz is a CEO of the world’s most beloved coffee shops, Starbucks. Both graduated with a liberal arts diploma and according to Forbes.com their salary compensation combines for nearly eighty-two million dollars annually. According to Ray’s article survey results taken from The American Association of Congress describes what potential employers are looking for in their employees. Approximately ninety-three percent of potential employers agreed that their capacity to think, their communication skills and being able to solve complex problems are more important than their degree. It’s fair to say that in today’s society employers are not just only looking at their degree, but their experience, skills, and work ethic.

St. Norbert enhances students capability to think with required classes such as Theology, Philosophy, and Foreign Language. Taking these required classes are enhancing  myself to think, improve my communication skills and solve complex problems which all will be a potential boost to future employers. The post-graduation outcome based on the required classes a liberal arts education can offer an individual post graduation is surreal.  At St. Norbert, there’s even  a four-year graduation guarantee and more than ninety-three percent of the graduates are placed in employment or graduate school within nine months of graduation. As a result of the required classes, all students are able to expand from their regular classes and increase their knowledge about the World around them. Opposed to an individual who will  never exceed their education they will never have to be able to receive these valuable skills. The skills that a Liberal Arts, Norbertine institution provides increases a student  thinking capability, communication, and intercultural skills that can not be gained elsewhere.

In order to gain experience in the real world and find potential internship and career opportunities making college worth, it does not include always being introverted.  In my opinion, in order to make College worth, it being involved is required. With this year comes new opportunities, goals, and adventures to be a part of. As an avid participant in my high school’s extra-curricular activities, becoming involved won’t be a difficult task to accomplish. I believe that student organizations such as Best Buddies will fit very well into my interests. Best Buddies is a National, non-profit organization that creates friendships with intellectually and developmentally challenged students.  As its inaugural year on campus, Best Buddies will create a partnership between St. Norbert College students and Syble Hopp students. Syble Hopp is a primarily a school dedicated to students with intellectually and developmentally challenged students to help them succeed in the school and classroom setting. As a buddy in the Miracle League, a baseball organization for children with intellectual and developmental challenges, I feel that Best Buddies will be a perfect fit. Through Best Buddies, I will be able to enhance my relationships with individuals with  intellectual and physical challenges, strengthen my knowledge  and enhance my quality of life. Best Buddies will help increase awareness, inclusion, and acceptance of the world around us and the St. Norbert Community. By joining Best Buddies, I will enhance my communication skills, create friendships and positively build my experiences for the future.

In addition to Best Buddies, I will  strengthen my leadership, communication, and collaboration skills through Emerging Leaders. Emerging Leaders is a first-year student program that gains leadership skills, program/planning involvement around St. Norbert. Each Emerging Leader is assigned to a Student Organization to help them plan an event. I am assigned to Dance Marathon which is a student organization that raises money for the local Children’s Miracle Network hospital periodically throughout the year. Dance Marathon is most known for Miracle Day, a day in which individuals come together to dance for thirteen point one hours. Through Dance Marathon, I will not only improve on my communication, organization  and teamwork skills I will be able to help children and their families.

Despite the variety of off opportunities offered at St. Norbert the end result will not always be smooth.  I believe that with hard work and determination my student loans will literally pay off. It won’t come easy as success is not given, so this College path will be indeed a rocky one. There will be indeed stress and bad test scores, however, at the end of the day the positives will cancel out the negatives.  I believe that having a positive mindset and overcoming adversity, receiving a degree should be well worth it. As an actor Robert Downey Jr once said, “Life is just so painful and messy and hard and worth it and all that stuff.” His quote re-emphasizes that life is indeed stressful at times, however, the end result should be worth it. I have no doubt that by taking required Liberal Arts classes, joining clubs and receiving a Liberal Arts diploma will hands down make College Worth it.



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