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Mark Molitor

College is the time in someone’s life that people say are the best years of your life.  College It is where people meet their best friends for life, possibly find their future spouse, and are most likely the reason they get a job when they graduate.  However, the cost of college can certainly be expensive.  College has gotten more expensive over the years, and it is in no way getting cheaper.  Worrying about the cost of college while in college is something to always remember, but it is better to worry about it when you finish school.  Trying to save money during time at school is the best thing to do.  Making college worth it is making the most of the opportunity and time I have at college.  I will make the most of the time spent at college, or in other words, make the college experience “worth it.”Even though college is expensive, receiving a liberal arts education will make up for the expenses of college.  To obtain the job I want when I complete college, I have to have a quality education.  I need a curriculum that is going to challenge me, and make sure that I am ready for graduate school and so on, and a liberal arts education allows for that.  Being able to not just focus strictly on a certain job that I want to acquire will allow for good flexibility when looking for a job. A liberal arts education gets me to where I want to be in life.  Picking a college that was going to prepare me best for continuing my education in graduate school was a big choice in where I went to college.  Since my goal is to become a physical therapist when I am done with school, I needed to go somewhere I knew would get me ready for that field.  To be able to start the rest of my life, to be able to have the things I desire, I have to be able to obtain a good job after I graduate from school.  Seven years is a lot of school to pay for, but knowing that I got through it all and obtained the job I wanted will make it worth the time, and without a liberal arts education, I would not achieve that.  I want to be able to look back and think that I made the best choice for career path and college selection knowing that I will be able to pay off everything I owe.

Playing football is important to having a great college experience.  Being a part of a team has always been a huge part of my life.  Going out and playing football every day is a gift.  I would not be the person I am today without athletics, and I want to enjoy every second I have with the teammates that share the same passion for something as much as I do.  Football has taught me how to face challenges, build trust, and rely on one another.  I love playing the game, I want every second I have playing to be worth it.  The price tag on college is never a thought when football is going on.  To make my college years the best I can, I need to enjoy my time playing football.  I have to enjoy being around my teammates and coaches.  The expenses of college will be there when football is done.  However, I can enjoy my time at college worth it by playing football and having fun doing it.

By playing football, I will create great friendships. However, I will also make friendships from the people in my classes.  I had the opportunity to go to school where I didn’t know anyone coming in, so this meant I had to find a way to make friends.  Playing football allowed me make friendships that will last forever.  Meeting people that I will spend a lot of time with over four years at St. Norbert.  I get to leave the drama from home behind.  Meeting people every day from places I may have never heard of is something that creates a bond.  Friendships that I have in college will make college fun, exciting, and unpredictable, which is all I can ask for.

A liberal arts education made my time in college worth it.  Obtaining a liberal arts education will get me to where I need in the future.  Being able to get into a graduate school that will get me a great job when I am done with school is the greatest benefit of college.  Enjoying every second I get playing football will create memories that I will never forget, and the memories will make the time at college the best.  Meeting people that I will forever be friends with will create a bond with each other that will not break.  Lastly, knowing I will have the job I want will have made college more worth it than imaginable.  Making the experience I have in college worth it is important to my development as a person.  The cost of college will be there, and it will not be going anywhere.  However, knowing that college was worth every cent, will make the difference.

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