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Micah Stovall

Taking a writing class can help with improving my writing skills. I agree with the article, No were not teaching composition all wrong. As Emily Stewart claims that college teachers are not teaching composition wrong. I have learned from many different resources like power points, examples, and revisions to improve my skills. Power points had helped me to understand layouts for writing productive paragraphs and how to write essentially. The examples made it easier to visualize the layouts in the power points. Revisions are the best tools in improving my writings because it helps me to correct any unclear points.

Simple mistakes are easily seen in my first blog post. As suggested in my revisions by my professor, Drew Scheler, I had made many points in a single paragraph. I did not realize this when I had first written but by revisions I was able to see that. I talked about going from graduate school, to graduate, and then back to undergraduate. The multiple points go against the power point about paragraphs make points. Sticking to one point makes a paragraph clearer to a reader. I fixed this by simply deleting all points about graduate school cutting it down to one point. This made the paragraph flow better and clearer to read.

Also in my first blog post, I also had mixed characters. The use of second and first person made my paragraphs unclear. For example, “Whether you are an introvert or extrovert” is a good example because my first blog post was in first person but the word “you” is in the second person. However, I fixed this by changing all the second person characters into first person. For example, “College can be worth it for both introverts and extroverts.” I completely changed the sentence to talk about an overall point about college and not about you.

The corrections made in the first blog post had mostly disappeared in the second blog post. This is an obvious implication of improvement in my writing. However, more complicated writing points had been made. In the second blog post, I had many good points but the points were not put into an order that works. The points did not fit together and that makes the paper tougher to understand. The flow of the paper was not ideal but I simply rearranged the paragraphs to flow better. For example, I took a paragraph about computers and phones being a problem in the classroom and moved it up two paragraphs. This helped my points to flow better. In the second blog post, I also had to revise my claim. My claim was perceived as the pros and cons of technology in the classroom which is not easily contestable. The paper was an argumentative and my claim made is seem as if it were an informative essay. I revised my claim to “The classroom is advancing but I think it should advance only to a point because then the benefits of electronics in the classroom becomes harmful.” This made my claim more contestable.

Blog post three was better structured and the claim was more contestable. However, I made more mistakes by not following different paragraph models. The third blog post, I did not follow model and it made it confusing whether the sources were being argued or used as evidence. For example, in the first paragraph I used an argument and response but a reasoning and evidence was more appropriate. This is a simple fix because I simply took out my however which indicates an argument and response paragraph. I had to change it because my point agreed with the point in the article.

Also in blog post three, I had very vague points. This made my paper hard to understand because it hard to get a sense of my paper. For example, “Division III sports are a perfect representation of why college sports are not a problem.” This point is clearly vague because it is in a question form because of the why. I fixed this by rearranging the sentence to “Division III sports are a perfect representation of what goes right in college athletics.” I the point a non-question based and it could be easier summed in a paragraph.

The overall improvement can be summed up in blog post four. The problems in my paper was minor compared to my first blog post. I feel more improved in writing since the first blog post. However, I still had a problem with reordering my paragraphs. The solution paragraphs in my blog post four, were put first before the problems. This is easy to revise because simply reordering my paragraphs is the only thing I needed. The other problems in my paper were more local. My overall writing had clearly improved.

In conclusion my writings over the past couple months had shown improvement. The improvements come from setting up the paragraphs in a professional model. The power points, examples, and revisions helped to improve my overall skill. Revisions are the most important to improve your skill because it is easier for another set of eyes to point out problems made in a paper. My problems near the end of the semester were simple local problems and not the bigger overall problems in my first blog post.

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