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Maggie Kaczkowski


When I am at St. Norbert I want my time and money to be worth it. When choosing a school to continue my education I was naturally drawn to small private schools. The only issue with that is that the cost is much higher than a traditional state school.  I thought to myself why should I choose St. Norbert? I know I need to make my time worth it, but I also know that I am investing a lot of money and time into my education. I want my experiences here to be memorable. 

Since I am paying so much for my education I must make the most out of it. I believe as a student I must strive to be the best student I can possibly be. I need to take pride in the work I am producing for my various classes. I must make sure that I am meeting all requirements in order to receive the degree I want. It is extremely important to be going to my classes, and enjoying my time there. I need to utilize my resources and form relationships with my teachers. This will help me become a successful student and successful later in life.

Before taking out my own student loans I had never realized how big of an issue student debt is here in America, but it is a big problem. According to the article, “America Can Fix Its Student Crisis. Just Ask Australia” by Susan Dynarski, student debt in America is much higher than the other countries in the world. Australia and Sweden are a great example of countries with much better student debt. In those countries re-payments go off of an individual’s income to determine the percentage of student debt being paid off at a certain time. While in America, re-payments do not fluctuate based on one’s income. I do not see how this system will change in the near future, but hopefully by the time my children will need to take out student loans, the American system for student loans will be better for the common citizen. I believe that the U.S. government does see this as a problem but not large enough for it to be fixed before I will need to start paying off my own debt. This is very alarming to me in terms of the investment I am putting in my schooling. This is something I shouldn’t take for granted, but rather using it as my benefit that I have the opportunity to go to school.

Not only do I want to get my money’s worth I want to get the full college experience. If I am going to be in student debt, I might as well have a great time before the bills come rolling in. Everyone always talks about how their best times of their lives were in college. I want to be able to say the same thing. While I am here I would really like to be a part of a social group, specifically CCHAMS, and be a part of the cheerleading team. I think by being evolved it will allow me to create friendships that will last a lifetime. I love the sport of cheerleading and I would love to be a part of the cheerleading team for all 4 of my years here in college. I want to meet as many people as I can and form lifelong friendships. I think that forming bonds that will last throughout my life will help make the money put in to my schooling not seem like the big amount that it is.

Even when arriving at St. Norbert I wasn’t too sure what attending a liberal arts college really meant. After reading the article “The Value of a Liberal Arts Education in Today’s Global Marketplace” by Edward J Ray, it really helped me understand the success and benefits of attending to a liberal arts college that a person can gain. One topic Ray touched on a lot was the different skills earned by liberal arts students such as flexibility. Along different with skills being earned, many more opportunities are offered. After graduation Ray has a statistic about the amount of graduated students having a higher chance of success. Even though a Liberal Arts education offers many opportunities, an individual must demonstrate the skills of flexibility in the work place. Ray stated that most graduates from a liberal arts college are much more willing to adapt to new positions and careers that may be much different from their degree. Therefore, I believe that attending a liberal arts college is more beneficial to me as a student because I will gain different ethical skills and have the ability to adapt to various work environments.

I think that attending a catholic liberal arts college will benefit me in many ways. I am very excited to attend another catholic school to continue my education. Catholic schooling is all I have ever known. After grade school it was mostly my parents’ choice to send me to another private Catholic High School, when it was my time to decide on a college it was very important to me to find a school that has somewhat of religious access, such as a church nearby, or is even a Christian school. When looking at St. Norbert I felt truly at home, seeing the importance of building a community here on campus and being able to freely talk about faith really drew me to the school. I believe that this will help me get the skills I need to become a well-rounded successful person when graduating from SNC.

All in all, I think that if I put in hard work and effort I will be able to get the most out of my academic experience here at St. Norbert College. I would like to continue my passion of cheerleading and form true friendships that will allow me take away the social aspect of college. Lastly, I hope to strengthen my religious beliefs and gain skills by going to a liberal arts catholic college that will help me succeed in the real world after graduation.

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