i How will I make the College experience worth it? | College Writing: Debate(s) In Higher Education

Jacob Castillo

With the rising cost of college tuition.  Many find themselves facing the question, how will I make college worth the potential tens of thousands of student loan debt upon graduation.  Some find themselves fortunate enough to graduate without the debt that cripples millions.  But for the vast majority of college students find themselves with some form of loan debt upon graduation.  Making college a very expensive investment.  I am currently studying at a liberal arts university, upon my arrival I had plans to run cross country and track and field.  However due to a long term recurring knee injury I had to end my competitive running career.  Since arriving on campus I have continued my healthy and active lifestyle through various physical forms of exercise  and various forms of social interactions.  I will make college worth it through continued forms of physical fitness, social interactions as well as producing a quality academic performance that will create a stepping stone to post college plans.

Physical fitness has always been an extremely important part of my life.  While the transition between high school and a career ending injury may appear daunting I have no intention on giving up my physical fitness throughout college.  However physical activity does not just have a positive impact on my physical health but also benefits my mental health as well.  Having physical health will enhance my college experience by allowing myself to further my personal knowledge of myself.  I find physical fitness to be an extreme advantage to my college experience because I have had an active lifestyle my entire life.  Fitness has vastly benefited my abilities in the classroom as well.  I have found my academic performance benefits greatly from the active lifestyle I live.  In order to produce a high level of academic performance my physical health will remain a high priority to me throughout college. Although physical fitness has been and will remain a high priority of mine another key factor in how I will make my college experience worth it is through various forms of social interaction.  My involvement in such events throughout high school helped mold me into the person I am today and opened many doors in my life including the one that did lead me to St. Norbert College. Being a very social person I do not worry about remaining involved in activities outside of campus and outside of academics.  Because I enjoy meeting new people, trying new things, and having fun.  All of these elements make up some forms of social interactions I may have throughout college.  I feel social interaction is so prevalent and important throughout college because it gives one the opportunity to  meet people who someday will remain lifelong friends.  While careers may be the core reason to invest in a college degree some will not remember that the most.  They might remember the people they met and how they influenced the college experience one might have.  Building Physical fitness and social interaction are two very strong reasons as to how I am going to make college worth it.  But the reason as to why I am attending college is to one day graduate with a degree.  While I may be currently speculating on what this degree will be this is the core objective of attending college.  But the question emerges how will this degree and the investment of college impact my life?  While I currently do not know what my undergraduate degree will be I do know my ultimate objective.  To attend and finish law school which will enable me to pursue a career in law.  I see my experience as an undergraduate student as a stepping stone to law school.  With law school being my main objective in attending college I am still in search of an undergraduate path of study.  However with my undergraduate being a stepping stone having law school as my post undergraduate goal gives me some direction as to where my undergraduate degree will go.  Having this ultimate career goal will allow me to outline my undergraduate college experience Through continued forms of physical exercise, social interactions, and an adequate academic performance is how I will make my college experience worth it.  College is a very expensive investment and still many find themselves without a plan.   All in all I believe I will get the most out of my college experience.

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