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13. December 2016 · Comments Off · Categories: Reflective Essay

Sydney Pfotenhauer

Writing has always been a struggle for me as I have always had issues telling if there was something that needed to be revised or not. It has been difficult to find a way to keep up and get better at my writing, but this class has tremendously helped in building up these skills. Between how to structure an essay to the small things like how write different types of paragraphs, there are so many things that have helped me improve my writing. Without classes like this college writing class, I wouldn’t be comfortable incorporating sources into my writing the way that I am now.

When it comes to trying to write papers, I always had the issue where I would repeat myself constantly and wouldn’t support what I was saying very well. This class has helped me to start to stop this consistency and helped me make sure to add more sources that have the opinion that I need for the paper I am writing. In high school I tended to end up writing the length that was required for each assignment, but the issue that always came up was the fact that I kept repeating myself and that meant that I needed to find more information in what I was writing for in order for it to not have content that was repetitive. That is where the issue came in. I never knew where to start with finding more information to include in the essays, but now I am able to be clearer on my point by adding more reputable sources.

One thing that I always seemed to do before this class with my writing was to not use much of the sources that I researched for papers. It has been from this class that I have learned how to better incorporate sources with my opinion. An example of this is when I wrote the first essay for this class. At that time I wasn’t very confident in what I needed when incorporating outside sources especially with a paper about the reasons as to what I am going to do at St. Norbert College. I added a link to the Struzel Center as it was an place that I figured that I would end up going to in order to find volunteer opportunities. This has helped me to advance my writing in terms of increasing the content in my papers. It helps as it has been something that has been struggle for me and from this class, it is easier for me to put this into my writing without having to worry that I did it wrong and that I need to do multiple edits before finding a way that I put information from other sources in.

One thing that I have learned but have not been able to do in a way that is shown in a way that can be told right away is the acknowledge and response paragraph. This is something I know that I need to improve on because I know that it has to have a clear objection that can still relate back to the topic. I have had issues in my writing where I am not the best at stating objections to a claim and pulling it back to be used as evidence makes it more difficult but I know now that it is something that I need to work on for the future. I also know that I have to look strictly at my sentences at times, because there are times when they don’t seem to make sense but I don’t realize it. I need to realize that the sentences don’t need to be as long also to get to the point I want to make. My sentence structure has gotten better over the semester. I know that I still have mistakes with this though as I need to break the habit of the way that I write.

Through taking this class, I know now what I need to focus on when I go through and write papers and revise papers. Some of the things that I know to do to make my papers better I wouldn’t have learned if I hadn’t been in this class and I know that it will help my writing in the future.

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