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13. December 2016 · Comments Off · Categories: Reflective Essay

Brian Herrera

    What actually makes someone a better writer? In my opinion I believe it is time and effort. With time you can write a clear and long paper without having to worry about using evidence. Also with time you can find evidence to help support your paper. With effort your paper itself will be better. In doing so, it could be longer than you believe but also, it can even give you a better grade than putting no effort into the paper. Throughout this class we have done a lot of things from doing process assignments, looking at powerpoints in class, and watching videos.

    In class many of the process assignments have helped to write papers. Many of my papers have improved after my junior year of high school thanks to a teacher of mine and her hard grading. After that year, my writing has greatly improved even more now. This class has helped in another sense also. In some of the videos viewed in class to write process assignments for helped give me a better understanding on other views. One of those would be when John Oliver talks about the NCAA and how they make a billion dollars in revenue. That made me believe that D3 schools should be allowed to award athletic scholarships just like D2 and D1 schools. The NCAA makes that much money in just showing the March Madness tournament. Imagine how much more money they make during regular seasons and during the concessions of the tournament as well. In my opinion it seems like the NCAA is being stingy and cheap for not doing so when they make more than a billion dollars a year. That is one way i have learned in this class.

    Another thing I believe helped me write my writing better in this class would be the powerpoints. In one of the powerpoints it talks about a point first or a point last, meaning that is where your main thought should go, either in the beginning or end of the paper. Another powerpoint that was shown is what order you should put your paragraphs in. I have trouble with this myself still as it sounds good but I do not realize that it will sound much better if I organize my body paragraphs.

    The last thing that might have helped me become a better writer are the videos viewed in class. I think this because with those videos I was able to gather information in order to help support my claims. Without it my paper would not have been so helpful or reliable in that case. Just like the readings that had to be done for class, the videos too gave lots of information that is able to be used to supports claims. Not only were the videos very informative, but there were also fun and funny to watch. This is important because if they were boring videos not many people would pay attention to them, and would not be able to use the information given as well as it would be if the video was entertaining.

    Overall, my writing has improved not only in this class necessarily but through my life. Every year my writing becomes more engaging and filled with more intel, evidence and support.I am glad that my writing skills have been improving. I am very surprised at the good grades I receive because writing is not one of my strong traits. English and writing are two subjects that bring my grades lower along with my gpa. Also, I dislike writing because I never really know what to talk about. I really liked this class for the fact that many of the writing topics incorporated your own opinion, which allowed me to finally speak my mind freely about something and gave me something to write about and not just bs things in a paper with lack of evidence to support the topic I am writing about.

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