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Shannon McGovern

Classrooms in society today revolve around technology. Students have laptops, tablets or a phone on them at all times. Advancements in technology and being able to have information so easily accessible, makes life easy and productive. This is why schools are incorporating them into the education system. The school systems have changed so much from when I started going to school until now. Education now can be learned online and outside of the traditional classroom. The advances in technology are allowing people to stay in their houses and go on their computers instead of attending class and going to school. Having computers and technology in a classroom setting changes the process of education. Online learning is a good way to learn efficiently, but to receive the most from education you need the classroom setting.

When I was in third grade we would take typing classes in a computer lab. Typing on a key board quickly was a special skill to have. Now being able to type on a keyboard is basic skill. In elementary school, I remember our teachers telling us we would write all of our papers in cursive and turn them in hand written. Once I got to middle school, we barely wrote in cursive, because they expected us to have papers typed out. I wasn’t prepared for the amount of technology I would be using in high school or in college. I didn’t expect to take all my notes on power points, take online quizzes, or have all my material online. In college, our classes are all paperless and most communication occurs over email.

Recently, we took an online lesson and had to write how we felt about it. I would prefer to be in class learning, because I like having one to one discussions and participating. The online lesson was about claims and what the difference is between a claim and hypothesis. A part of me liked online lesson because I was able to take my time on the lesson and go back to material I didn’t understand. I did like having the opportunity to learn online, but I find in class learning to be more affective overall. I like being able to go to class and listen to the teacher speak, teach, ask questions, and give a real life examples to help relate to the topic. I get distracted very easily and learning on a computer all time would not teach me anything. Learning in a room with other students helps to have the chance to have a discussion and allow for one to see the lesson from different viewpoints.

It can be hard to focus due to other school obligations, but you still have more ways to absorb information than online. The in class lesson did get me involved with the discussion and was able to gather the main idea better than the online lesson, even though I wasn’t focused.  I did take away a more detailed understanding of claims from the in class discussion. In a classroom, one is able to see the teacher’s facial expressions and get an idea of what the most important information is. The only thing I find to be similar to online lessons and class lessons is they both have power point type material and ask questions. For me, personally it’s easier to ask a question face to face over doing it by email/online. I learn by examples and connecting them to things I know or can relate to. So for claims, it helped when I realized a claim is the same thing as a thesis statement. Over all I do think I would succeed more in a classroom learning environment.

Technology allowed schools to become lethargic by just having have a student take assessments online and have all the answers in a power point.  Teachers today I think are having to base their lessons off national standards. The only important thing is to make sure the students are prepared for standardized tests. Students are in school 8 hours a day, which means the way their teachers act and other students behave affects the building of their views and personality. Students are not being taught basic skills their parents and grandparents were taught, but are learning how to make statistics look good through an online portal. Schools today are lacking discussion about real life topics involving student’s beliefs and opinions. Technology is the cause for this change. I believe technology has changed the way we have learned and teach in school.

To conclude, having technology in classrooms is beneficial but when used to in addition to the actual classroom. I think technology can be very distracting by students not focusing to what the teacher is saying. Technology can make life a lot simpler and faster for both teachers and students. There are skills taught in the classroom that cannot be taught anywhere else. I think overall, online courses will cause a negative effect on student’s education because people won’t really have a true understanding of what they read on the computer. The value of learning in person and from a teacher along with other students is much more beneficial.  Education is meant to better us and help us become educated to take on the world.

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