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Sam Jaeger

Before I came to college, most people bombarded me with questions.  “What are you planning on going to college for?”  “Do you think you’re going to flunk?”  “Are you nervous?” “How will you adapt?” “Why did you choose this college?”.  After hearing all these questions, I found myself asking the same questions and having troubles answering them.

My answer was “I do not know”.  I didn’t know what I was going to do, if I was going to play sports, or if I was even right for college.  My family comes from a background of veterans and workers with no college degree.  My parents are the only ones in their family to have a degree in college. Well I have a couple of aunts and uncles that have degrees but most of them are just hard workers.  So all these questions scared me honestly.  I didn’t know what I was going to be, or if partying was going to be a problem, if I was going to make friends even.  Yes, I talk to people but I talk to people I’m comfortable talking around, not strangers.  My parents were scared for me to go to college because I wasn’t the greatest high school student. When I say I wasn’t a good student, I mean I was too lazy to do anything for my classes because I was already accepted into college. So I kind of blew off the rest of the school year.  But I mean who likes high school?  I sure don’t but some people do, sorry if I offended somebody by saying nobody likes high school.  Even with all those questions I asked myself, is this really worth it.

I didn’t just come to St. Norbert just for the education though.  Even that’s my number one priority, it’s not my only priority.  I came for sports as well.  Even though I wasn’t recruited for football I still came to play.  I didn’t get any fancy call from a coach saying “hey we would love to have you on our team”.  Nope I came here and asked to see the football coach and asked if I could try out for the team.  I am not sure if football is still for me or not and I’m still figuring that out.  Track on the other hand sent me emails, called me, and told me they want me to try to work towards being a decathlete.  At first I asked why because I wasn’t very muscular for throwing and I hated long distance.  Then a track member named Brad came to me during a camp in the summer and said that I would make a great decathlete.  That kind of meant a lot to me coming from one of SNC’s top athletes.  So that summer I worked hard to get better at long distance at least because I knew I couldn’t really put on weight or big muscles for throwing.  My body just doesn’t form that way.  But I knew I could get better at long distance so I started running 2-4 miles a day and improved my athletic abilities tremendously.  So track is a main sport that I am going to be going after here at SNC.  Even if I wasn’t called for sports I would have still participated in the intramural sports here because I’m very competitive.  And sports are just a part of my nature and I cannot not play sports because that’s just not me.  And if I’m not being myself then why bother. There is only one of me in the world and that’s what makes everyone in the world special in a way because there is only one of everybody.

It will be no walk in the park though, being undecided and all.  When I said I was going to be undecided most of my teachers and peers looked at me like I was crazy and then they told me “what the hell are you going to do with that”?  I simply replied “you’ll see”.  They gave me a shrug and gave me the good old “k”.  Which kind of pissed me off because it’s like they doubted me in a way, and now I’m on a mission to prove them wrong so I can rub it in their faces.

This brings me to experiences.  What I mean by experiences is the ones I will encounter during my college career.  I come from a very small “town”.  I put quotations around town because I called it a village surrounded by smaller villages.  In that village named Minocqua there was not a lot to do.  There was a zoo, a mini golf course, go karting, and whatever you could come up with to play at a park.  And I hope to have more experiences down here in De Pere with college.  I mean we all know partying is going to be an experience but if that’s not the case for someone then it shouldn’t trigger you if you’re reading this.  And with partying is going to be meeting new people because what is a party without people. Having challenging classes will be another experience, for me anyways.  Now I actually have a reason to try in my classes and to prove to people in my home village that I am smart when I try.

I am also here to make myself a better person and develop a social side of me.  I haven’t always been the best person in my life.  I have my mistakes and I know that they happened.  But this is a fresh start for me.  And I can’t wait to see what is in store for my future.  I was never treated well at my other school so I was a very quiet individual.  I never participated in class because I was scared of what people would say about me after I said something.  Trust me, I was made fun of for everything I said and did.  I was one of the top athletes in my school but it didn’t matter because I was just targeted socially.  Yeah I’m over it now but if I seem like a quiet person you now know why.  I was a victim of bullying and I’m not scared to share it.  But that’s why I’m here for a social experience.  I was never a part of a real social group before.  No one talked to me and I kind of just hid in the shadows my high school career.  But that’s in the past and now I’m here to make the most of what I didn’t have the opportunity to do in my high school years.  I am going to try to make as much friends as I can and I can’t wait another minute to socialize and have fun.

I mean think about it, it would not be worth it coming to school and paying forty grand to come here and then flunk out because I didn’t even think I should be here.  But now that I’m here I know how I will make it worth it.  And I will make it worth it by just having fun.  Yes, studies come first and I will work my hardest to get the best grades I can get, but having that said I will also have fun and try not to become a hermit.  And that’s how it should be, work hard and then reward yourself by having fun!

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