i College IS Worth the Price Tag | College Writing: Debate(s) In Higher Education

Brittany Vosen

Despite America’s crippling loan debt, millions of students continue to enroll in college to get a higher education in hopes of later on working at their dream job. In America, the total debt for student loans is $1.3 trillion and the typical repayment period to pay off student loans is 10 years. Which brings the following question to arise: is a higher education worth the potential lifelong debt?

I believe a higher education is essential in order to get a well-paying job to survive in this economy. A higher education allows me to gain the skills I need to get into the career of my choice. Higher education provides me with experiences and values for my life that I would not be able to obtain elsewhere. These skills, values, and experiences that I gain, are how I am going to make my college education worth the price tag.

One reason why I choose to come to St. Norbert College is because SNC is one of the best schools in Wisconsin for an education major. St. Norbert College allows education majors to get experience working with children in the classroom right away. For example, freshmen students start the “Village Project”, which is a project where the freshmen are assigned to different after-school programs at public schools to start working with children. Since the teaching field is not the best career to go into right now, I wanted to go to a college that would provide me with the right education to get a job as a teacher as soon as possible, and SNC proved to be that college.

Even though St. Norbert College has one of the best programs for education majors in Wisconsin, the tuition for SNC made me second guess myself before coming here. I received multiple scholarships and grants for me to attend SNC but I still had to take out a loan to cover this year’s tuition. Despite the fact that I had to take out a loan, I still chose to come to SNC because of the reputation it has for getting its students quickly out into the career world after they graduate.

St. Norbert College is not only a great school for students wanting to go into teaching but also a wonderful liberal arts school. St. Norbert offers many required classes that other colleges do not because they are not a liberal arts school or do not have a liberal arts program. These classes will potentially help SNC students get a job quicker after graduation because they provide students with the values and skills that many employers are looking for. Being that SNC is a liberal arts college, it will help me pursue my career as an elementary education teacher by teaching me intercultural skills and a capacity to continue learning in order for me to teach and help others learn.

Another reason why I chose to come to St. Norbert was because of its location. I am from a small town where everybody knows everybody, and when it came to picking out a college, I looked for colleges where I knew no one and was far enough from home that I would not run into anyone I knew. This way, I could force myself to make new friends and be more outgoing. Because of these reasons, St. Norbert ended up making it to the top of the list of colleges I wanted to attend.

So far, I am loving my experience at St. Norbert College. I love the scenery here, I have made a ton of friends, and the classes that I am taking are already getting me involved in the teaching career I plan to go into. SNC tuition does cost quite a bit, but with all the opportunities given to me here, I feel as if it is worth the cost. In my opinion, as long as I receive a good education with lots of opportunities, graduate with my degree, and land a wonderful job as an elementary teacher, then the cost of St. Norbert College is worth the debt.


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