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Lorena Martinez

Debt is a major topic that needs to be addressed when thinking about going to college. I am currently studying at a liberal arts institution and although the education is great at St. Norbert I need to be realistic. I will be in huge debt by the time I graduate. Tuition ($44,906) here is quite expensive in my opinion. I personally have already taken 7,000 dollars out in loans for my first year. Because I plan on graduating from St. Norbert that number will increase during the next three years. On the other hand, cost is not going to stop me. I promised myself that I will enjoy every moment possible.

To start off, I want to enjoy and want to grow in is my spiritual life. I grew up in church but at this moment in time, I do not feel connected to my spiritual side of myself. Although I am currently not involved with my church I will never deny God. I know that Jesus died in the cross for us and that he is our one and only savior. I within the next four years I desire to eventually grow spiritually. It might be through my theology class this semester or it might be though the campus ministry here. My goal is to want to go to church and feel comfortable. Sometimes I think that my beliefs in God are hand in hand with my spirit of giving. Giving to others brings me much more joy than getting materialist objects for myself. I want to continue to experience that joy through my college career.

Adding on, all I know about myself is that I love giving to others and one passion I do have is going on mission trips. My church is very involved with helping others, not only here in the US but also internationally. Although I still haven’t been on a mission trip I have helped out with one. The mission trip that I was able to help with was called We Got Your Back. All we did was provide backpacks full of school supplies to children in Haiti after the catastrophic earthquake along with raising money to supply with more backpacks. Because I am passionate about helping others through community service I really want to be part of the Turning Responsibility into Powerful Service (TRIPS) program on campus. This program’s goal is to serve, learn, live responsibly, seek wisdom, and understand differences. Through TRIPS I want continue to help people all around the US all four years. I want to be part of a change and part of history.

Not to mention, I want the satisfaction of knowing that I help people out through my job. I came in to St. Norbert undecided and I feel that this is the main reason why I was nervous. Not knowing what to expect is one of my biggest fears. Not knowing who I will be friends with, what impression I leave on people, how to handle the transition from high school, but most importantly what I want to do with my life was very scary. Most people know what they want to study. I am one of the few people that still don’t know what I want to major in. I have never been a picky person. I just want to be able to have a satisfying job where I know my work is helping others. I genuinely desire to be part of a company or organization that has a mission to help and give to those who are underprivileged. When I do decided what I want to major in I will be satisfied with the type of job I get.

Furthermore, I will continue to make friends so that I can enjoy my time here. So far I have made many friends that I feel comfortable sharing my story with. I believe that every individual has a story and once we share that story of ourselves then that’s when all connect. That’s also the time we break racial or any other boundaries. I am part of the Students Taking Academic Responsibility (STAR) program. The STAR program helps, first year multicultural students; build meaningful and supportive relationships, develop valuable skills, and get to know campus along with other things. Thanks to this program I’ve made a great number of friends. I want to continue getting involved with social and academic groups/clubs so that I make new bonds with new people.

I know that I have time to pay off that money a few months after I graduate. In the meantime I will make sure that I grow every year as an individual. Specially in a spiritual matter. Along with that I want to serve my community by the TRIPS program and with my job in the future. Sometimes all it takes is some friends, meaningful relationships, that get you to where you desire to be. To conclude, as long as I enjoy my time here or “make college worth it” student debt is not an issue.


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