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Cooper Nellis

Going to college had always been just a thought in the back of my mind. Never have I really had to worry about college and my future. I was able to live in the moment all throughout high school. The decisions I made then, in high school, affected my future a little, but, now that I am in the midst of college I have to make big decisions. Decisions that affect my future a lot more then when I was younger. One of the most important on going decisions I will make is how will I make college worth it?


Growing up, people who went to college always stated that it will be the best time of your life. One way I will make college worth it is by consistently, throughout my years at St. Norbert, having the best time of my life. Going to parties, hanging out doing homework, or playing intramural sports are all ways that I will have fun during college. There is no point in spending multiple years at a college if it is boring and dismal. Having fun with the new people that I will meet will also help build relationships that will last the rest of my life.


A step that I will take to make college worth it is to establish connections. I feel that I would benefit substantially from knowing a lot of people, from my four years, after leaving college. The more connections attained the more opportunities available. Opportunities such as job offers, referrals, that person who knows a person which can get you a job or benefits to name a few. This being said I plan on meeting as many students, faculty, and general people during my years at St. Norbert. This will hopefully give me the greatest opportunities in the future.


Attending a college like St. Norbert that provides tons and tons of opportunities, that I will take advantage of, is key to making college worth it. If I struggle in a certain class I have the ability to utilize a service know as a tutor. Using a tutor will help me understand the class better and help keep myself organize within the class. This will ultimately help me get better grades in class and expand my knowledge of the subject. Another great opportunity that is offered is essay help and the library. With this service I can get help on all my papers. They help make ideas clear and will help me write in the best possible and fundamental ways.Using all the resources that are available such as tutors, essay help, and all the professor that care about each student in class will be a big contributor to making college worth it.


Another way I can contribute to making college worth it is for me to make smart decisions in and out of school. This can pertain to selecting the right classes all the way to not getting in trouble. If I pick the right classes it will help lead me down the right path. I hope that taking the right classes will lead to finding job opportunities which hopefully will turn into a successful career. Also, I have to be aware of my decisions outside the classroom. If I end up getting in trouble on campus it will be no help for my future.


The wide variety of classes offered will give me an opportunity to explore new things. From going to different types of classes I figure out my likes and dislikes of subjects.I will learn what my interests which will guide me to what I want to pursue. This will hopefully open me up to what I want to major in and where I will be working for the rest of my life.


To really make college worth it I need to learn as much as possible. The more I learn and not just remember the better off I will be later in life at recalling information learned to solve problems. Gaining all the skills and abilities after my years at St. Norbert will transfer over to my everyday life.


John Oliver’s video on student debt not only gave me more insight on student debt but also introduced me to the reality of this national problem. Being in a situation where I would be in debt tons of money is scary to me. My decision to attend a expensive college like SNC was greatly influenced by the amount of financial aid I received. With financial aid it wasn’t enough to cover the cost of the tuition. I was faced with taking out loans and taking on a great deal of debt. With that being said I plan on taking full advantage of all the great programs and benefits that SNC offers. Also, I plan on soaking in as much information as I can while giving 100% effort to class I take. Both of my parents have gone to college but they did not graduate, and I plan I making them proud by being the first in our family to graduate college. Not only will that make my parents proud but it will inspire my siblings to do great things such as graduate college. In the end, the goal of going to college for me is to end up getting a good paying job. If I can find myself a good paying  job that I love then I have made college worth it.




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