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Dia Henderson
September 30, 2016

Although my mother attended college a long time ago, she never completed her degree. Therefore, going to college was very important to me not only to make her proud, but to also make myself proud. Education is very important to me and is one thing my mother instilled in me to continue all throughout my life. Even when I decided to go to a private boarding school for high school, my mother made man financial sacrifices just to put me through four years of high school and now a private college. Initially St. Norbert College was not my first option for college, however here I’ve learned the importance of graduating from a liberal arts college. Now that I know that I can get more job opportunities because I attend liberal arts. I am going to “make college worth it” by utilizing the resources and opportunities given to me during my 4 years in college. Being at a liberal arts school offers me a tremendous amounts of opportunities. I can not only get a job using my intended major, but also I can get jobs in other careers. With these opportunities I will be out of student debt faster, make more connection with people, and have a chance to make my family proud.

My primary reason for continuing my education after high school is make to make enough money to repay my mother and make a comfortable life for my family. I attended a private boarding school for high school and put my family in financial troubles. From there I vowed to attend college and become financially stable in my near future. While in college I intend to stay focused and determined to finish my necessary classes and get a degree. Making money is worth continuing my education even if it puts me in debt at a young age of 18. Student loan debt is tremendously increasing each year, and many people do not get out of debt until later in their lives. Finishing my college schooling will put me in much financial stress; however with a degree I can get a job. As a result, I will be able to pay back my loans with the money from the job.
By attending a liberal arts school, I am equipped with the skills to complete and be successful at many jobs. Obtaining a job is very important to me especially after college. Although not my initial choice of school, St. Norbert is a high reviewed liberal arts college. By utilizing the not only my graduating degree, but also using my liberal arts education, there are many jobs available for people like me. For example, my major is biology and I intend on being a physical therapist, however, St. Norbert requires us to take a foreign language like Spanish. As a result, I can not only get a job in physical therapy, but also a translator or any job that may need a bilingual applicant.
Also, I hope to make very close friends and relationships with people not only on a friendly aspect but also on a business level. It is said many people you meet in college become lifetime friends. Here I hope to find people that understand me and I can form a lifelong bond with. It is common for people to say some people become such good friends to the point they are considered family. I plan on making friendships that survive past college no matter the distance between us. Business relationships are important to form here also because college is the place people make their first impressions and begin to build respect with others. By the time I graduate I not only want life long friends, but to say that I graduated with people that truly respect me.
Not only would I be the first in my household to complete a college education, but I am the first in my family to attend a liberal arts school. Not only would my family be proud that graduate with a degree in one skill, but they will also be proud that even with that degree, I have the skills to complete many jobs. I believe obtaining a college education is worth a lot even it puts me in financial trouble; I know the degree I obtain will be worth it. Plus, they would be even prouder that I graduated from a Catholic institution.

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