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Evanny Franco


College is a goal that most students aspire after high school. I remember when I started to look around at what possible schools I wanted to attend, in order to get accepted I wrote countless essays to be able to hopefully get into the college of my choice and also to receive scholarships or grants to pay it off. After many months of masses of work, I finally received the good news that I was accepted into the colleges I had applied to, St. Norbert was among them. My parents were excited and proud, relatives and friends congratulated me, I myself was so content and could not believe I would be starting college to pursue my dream career. What I did not realize is that I am most likely to end up in debt after finishing my education. Because of that I am trying my best to make my time in college really worth it. “Worth it” to me means that after everything and all the years, sleepless nights, breakdowns, and probably numerous cups of coffee I am able to achieve what I had set my mind to but at the same time enjoyed those years of my life doing the things I wanted to.

I watched a video of John Oliver, the video talked about how most college students end up in debt after finishing their education . Even before the video I knew that the price of getting an education was very high, not only in the economic way but also in the sense that you have to be very dedicated. There are countless hours of studying and doing homework, I will have to make sacrifices in order to be able to finish my work. I might also have to cancel plans from friends, and in order to afford being in college I will have to cut down on going with friends or buying stuff for myself. I also read the article American Can Fix Its Student Debt, just ask Australia written by Susan Dynarksi, the article talked about how in the United States the debt for students is a lot higher compared to other countries because the way that loans work here. In other countries, like for example Australia, the students have an extended amount of years to pay their debt while here they have a very short time. Also other countries are able to fix the payments according to your wage and economic stability, but here in the U.S. the payments are not arranged to the student’s economic needs and they will continue no matter the situation.

Another way I will make college worth it is by using all the time I have available to study. Studying will be exceptionally helpful here in college. There are lots of great studying spots available around the campus that can help me stay focused and be able to study and work in peace. This way I am using my time wisely and also taking advantage of the great things the campus has to offer. When you are in high school students may have a few or lots of friends but most of them they will never see again, each one will go to different schools, and usually teenagers want many friends to seem popular. Also students are at an age where they are all growing and learning, everyone is trying to find themselves. In college I will already have a better idea of who I am and who I want to become.

One great way that I will make college worth it is by stepping out of my comfort zone a little. Since I was a very young child I have been the quietest and shy kid in class, after finishing high school one of my main goals was to grow more comfortable around my peers and be more confident in myself. This is a new school where no one knows me or my personality and that allows me to be able to be myself and make new friends. In these next few years I will meet and lose people who will shape who I shall become. I will not get these years back so I will try to make as many memories as possible and learn from everything that happens. By making new friends and having lots of fun during college I will certainly make college worth it. As I said before making friends is one of the main goals I have set myself.

Studying abroad is something I’m really looking forward to and will definitely take advantage of. Ever since I found out of the idea of studying abroad I have been obsessed with the thought of getting an education and also being able to visit another country. There are so many beautiful places out there that I am able to visit and am able to gain from, tons of cultures and experiences. Studying in another country will help me gain knowledge by meeting new people and being able to experience new cultures. Also being able to explore new cultures and languages can really help me when trying to find a job after college and even to help me have a more open mind.

One last way to really make college worth it is by joining clubs or groups, which I didn’t do in high school. Possibly even joining a sport. I want to be able to have new experiences and try new things. I have never played a sport, though I have joined a few clubs throughout high school but I definitely want to participate more in stuff outside of school. I want to be able to hopefully help out in the community and make a good impact which would be a great start to a bright future. I already joined a group named STAR before school started and I know this multicultural group will help me learn about other cultures. I have heard of other groups around the campus like I heard about TRIPS and I am very interested.  I also hope to join a sport like soccer because I have always loved playing soccer.

I have looked forward to college ever since I was in kindergarten, the fact that I am now in college is still to this moment unbelievable to me. College means a lot of effort and money spent but I know that in the end that will all pay off. I am going to make the best of these next few years by taking advantage of what this great school has to offer and also having fun. During these years I will make new friends and enjoy my time but also get the best education I can.




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