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Libbie Doney

Student Debt is increasing in America while other countries have it under control. After graduating, a student will have 6 months before they have to start paying off their loan and most students have not yet found a job. I have to take out a loan to come to a liberal arts school but that was my decision. I know I will have to pay back quite a bit of money but this is what I wanted to do.

In order to make my time worth it at college will be by playing sports. Sports have helped me learn skills that I couldn’t be taught in school. They have taught me communication skills, to be yourself, overcome adversity, hard work and more. I started playing hockey when I was 4 years old and have been playing ever since. I played basketball, fast pitch softball, tennis and track. I have learned that while you are an athlete you have to also give things up. I missed a lot of weekends, football games and other school events, but to me it was worth it because now I have the opportunity to be a collegiate athlete. I will be on the women’s hockey team and also I will pole-vault for the track team. I knew the price of college would be expensive but I knew playing sports would leave me with memories that will be with me for the rest of my life.

I decided to major in Communication and media, focusing more in media. In high school, I really enjoyed my business and communication class. It was a 2 hour block where we had all the equipment to have our own TV channel. I edited our news channel, made the football teams highlight videos and senior video. With this degree I hope this degree will make my college classes more enjoyable since it will be what I like to do. With communications and media, I can then branch out into sports marketing. Sports marketing would let me have a job focusing on the things I love doing.

It’s good to have friends that do different things because then you get to learn new experiences. I have already met people who don’t play sports but we still have things in common. Not everyone is like yourself. In high school, people always told me that my friend group was the most diverse group of people. Even though we were all so different and had different backgrounds, we had the most fun when we were together. We are still friends and most likely will be for the rest of our lives. I’m excited to meet new people so I can make even more memories like the ones I had in high school.

I will also make sure to have fun in college. Not so much having to go out every weekend but not sitting in my room either. After watching John Oliver’s video on student debt, it made me realize that what he was talking about was right, you are most likely going to come out of college with student debt so why not make the time here worth it. I know that these 4 years will most likely be the best years of my life. I will go out with my friends, try new things, and have fun while doing it. I am going to make the most if it here at St. Norbert College.

St. Norbert College is a Liberal Arts school. Which means it is more than just going to school for your degree. For instance, all freshman have to take Theology and Philosophy because it is also a Christian school. Not all agree with why we have to take it but I think it teaches us more than Christian fundamentals. It teaches us to be better people. I’m glad to have come here to not only learn more in school but also as an individual in the community.

All these reasons are how I will make college worth it. Everyone has different goals but I believe those are the right ones for me. I know I will have to pay off a lot of money but in the end, I would rather be happy with what I did rather than worried about how much student debt I have to pay off. I hope one day I can look back and be happy that I chose higher education and I have a good feeling that I will.

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