i Making The Best of Time | College Writing: Debate(s) In Higher Education

Brian Herrera

Many people could have their own interpretation of what makes college worth it for them. They can share examples of how to have fun or ways college isn’t fun or entertaining. These are but of many reasons on how to enjoy college in my opinion. Other students may have different ideas based on this paper that I have written. Also, some of these may not be actual ways to enjoy or make the best of college. My opinions of enjoying college are from receiving a diploma and a good job, making connections for the near future, playing a sport, going to sporting events, getting lit on the weekends.

Receiving a diploma and a good job after graduation is another thing that can be very beneficial in life. Once graduated having to look for a job and nowadays, it is required for recent graduates to have a college diploma in order to work for a company or corporation. Many of the jobs that are required to have a college diploma are low paying jobs that could get through but, not enough to be satisfied to get things wanted in life. Receiving a diploma from a liberal arts school raises chances of getting a better job are more higher. Many jobs would prefer to hire someone that has a liberal arts education because they have better critical thinking and have a better multicultural understanding according to Edward J. Ray in the article he wrote “The Value of a Liberal Arts Education in Today’s Global Marketplace.”

Making connections for the near future (new friends) can be very beneficial as well. One thing that can be done for this is interact with more people and try to make as many new friends as possible. Chances of being friends with the person are pretty even but, it could make it easier to talk to people and build a form of relationship with more people after. Remembering those people in the future may be hard because overtime it becomes more difficult to remember things from years ago. It never hurts having too many friends, unless they get mad for not having time to talk/spend time with them. Making friends is not the only way college can benefit someone.

Playing a sport and having fun in the process can also be beneficial in a way. For most of my life playing baseball, I was always serious and never really just enjoyed it. Through the recent years, I’ve learned a lot from people that I look up to like Marcus Stroman and Mike Stud. It’s important to enjoy the time spent playing because it creates memories. Yes, it is ok to be serious if you are losing but it’s always good to look at the positive things from the bad. For example, if losing a game take the experience and the enjoyment having with friends and just learn from it while still having fun. This helps explain how being involved in a sport can make matters more interesting and can also help pass the time during long free hours of school after class.

Going to home sport events every now and then, whenever there is time can help in ways. For example, like in the previous paragraph, it can help make new friends. Whether a part of a sport or other extracurricular activity there may or may not be time to go to sporting events. Over time, it’s essential to learn to manage time and make room to do other things like make new friends. Students who do not do extracurricular activities and do not go to sporting events tend to not make the most out of the college experience. Not only do they not get the most out of college experience, but they also lose the chance to make new friends.

Getting lit on the weekends, which may be hard to believe, is also a way to enjoy the college life and can be beneficial. The majority of people enjoy college by going to parties on the weekends to, in some cases, feel less stress after the school week. One way it can be beneficial is that it can get people familiar with each other. Not only is it beneficial because it could relieve stress and make new friends, but it can also make good memories and stories for later on in live to either family or kids when they go off to college. Those are reasons why getting lit on the weekends can be helpful and enjoy college.

Those are but the many ways to enjoy the college life in my opinion. It is not necessary to do these things to have fun, other things that could be done are join clubs to pass the time. If joining a club is not an option, creating a group of people and start a club is something else that can be done. These are just things I believe that can be done to help gain the most of the college experience many people that have already graduated talk about. Lastly, be smart about the decisions made and stay focused on the reason of coming to school.


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