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Maggie Kaczkowski

Education has been changing a lot in the past years. People are starting to think differently about the various ways one can learn. For an example there are different learning styles such as; auditory, visual, or kinesthetic. Not everyone learns at the same pace or learns best by using pen and paper or a computer. This can make the classroom extremely diverse and difficult to assume one type of teaching style will fit all the students in the class. Teachers should adjust their teaching styles to keep up with modern day education. This doesn’t necessarily mean that people should discard the traditional ways of learning but rather adapt to new concepts and apply them to a traditional classroom. Some of these new ways are allowing students to choose their own pace or online classes. There are many flaws in the new modern day education.

The issue with online education is that it is very difficult to ask questions and get a quick response from a professor or expert on the topic. In my experience, I am currently taking a business class (BUAD 142) that is essentially 75% online and only 25% in the classroom. I personally find myself struggling with certain tasks and homework. Instead of waiting for a response in an email I find myself turning to google more often than not. I do this because I can find quick answers but I do not know if they are correct or what my professor is looking for. The 25% part of in-class learning I do I enjoy every much. The class is run where the teacher is going over tasks for us to do on her own projector screen in front of the class where we can follow along on our own personal computers. I think that this portion of our class is incorporating new learning concepts with old ones allowing the classroom to be a successful learning environment.

In-class education is more beneficial to students because a primary source is available and right in front of them.  An NPR author, Anya Kamenetz, states that every student needs access to the classroom learning atmosphere. Students who are in the classroom are able to interact with the teacher and gain more skills than one would by just attending classes online. Kamenetz shows us in particular that one of these skills is communication with the professor and other classmates. When going into a profession you will need a variety of skill sets that one might not gain if lessons were only taken online. With this evidence, in-class leaning allows students are able to bounce ideas off of one another and get questions answered right away when an expert is in the class with them.

There is this label that some over-involved teachers are called “helicopter teachers”. This concept directly relates to having a teacher as a resource in the classroom. There is no use of physically being in a classroom and not having a teacher who is willing to get to know and interact with the students. If the teacher is not involved with the students one could say that the in-class lesson is just like a lesson that would have been taken online. Throughout high school I can barely remember having any “helicopter” teachers. I do however remember teachers who care about the students as young adults trying to learn rather than just a teacher whose motive is to just get through the lesson plan without actually knowing if the students know the material. I honestly would prefer to have more of a helicopter teacher who cares about their students rather than one who does not at all. I think that my thought process behind me preferring a helicopter teacher could also come from me not truly ever having one. All in all, I like when teachers are involved and care about me, not only being student but, as a person as well.

All in all, with technologies changing it is important for teachers to adapt their teaching styles but not throw away old concepts all together. It is important for a classroom to have these two ideas of online and in person meshed into one. This will allow the student to have a broad spectrum of skills and values that were taught to them.

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