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Starting this semester, I only thought there was one main type of writing for school—a paper written in MLA format, with I.E.E. paragraphs and a good thesis. This type of writing was ingrained in my head since around 7th grade. I believed that if I followed this format my paper would be good. This class challenged me to think critically about crucial topics that are constantly in the news or media. I had to challenge myself and my thoughts constantly during this semester and I believe that it has made me a better writer.

When looking back at my first blog post, I have noticed that I am starting to make my college experiences worth it. Writing this paper in a point first paragraph formula I was able to get my point across; since I am paying so much for my education I must get the most out of it. I spoke about my goals and hopes and I am already seeing that I am doing some of these things. I wrote that I wanted to be a part of a social group, and I joined one. I talked about the importance in going to a liberal arts school and how I will gain values that not everyone will gain. I can already see myself learning some of these values and applying them to my daily life. The biggest thing I learned during blog post on was that I am able to state an idea and then expand on that one thought with various ideas or evidence to support my claim and make my writing that much better.

Blog post two sparked my interest because I believe the classroom today isn’t beneficial to all students. I enjoyed that we were able to speak about this in a way where we looked at many different articles and used them as evidence to support our point last paragraphs. I was able to talk about my own experience with one of my classes and also do research to see how other classrooms are held. I enjoyed expressing my opinion about “helicopter teachers” and hearing what other students thought. During class, going over our paragraphs as a whole and editing them really helped me. I was able to see what did wrong with my own writing and learn to pick out things in other paragraphs. I think that this will overall help my writing and will also allow me to be a resource for others.

Binge drinking isn’t the problem was the title of my third blog post. This post allowed me to really start bringing in other sources and integrating them within my writing. Binge drinking is something that happens on almost all college campuses so it was very intriguing to do research and write about a topic that we as students all see.  I think that during this post I was able to see my writing really develop. I could see my thoughts were getting across in a sophisticated way that could persuade others to think what I was thinking.

Overall, I believe that this class really helped me not only as a student but a writer as well. I think that after the semester finished I learned a lot about my own writing and me as a student. I now know how to get my point across in a drawn out way that is still straight to the point. I believe this will help me in a number of my classes to come along with me in the work force.

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