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Micah Stovall

Higher education has made major changes ever since the internet was introduced. As New York Times writer, David Brooks, claims there will be a tsunami of technology. He claims that the college classroom will essential be nonexistent and college will simply be online. Computers have become more significantly used. In high school, we were introduced to tablets. We started typing papers more than writing them. Many colleges have resulted to more electronic teaching tool based courses. By using technology, I have felt we are able to move at a fast organized pace. I believe the best classroom of the future is some technology based but still be focused on the old concepts such as paper and pen. The classroom is advancing but I think it should advance only to a point because then the benefits of electronics in the classroom becomes harmful.

Technology, if used correctly can be an effective tool in the classrooms. By using technology, I have felt we are able to move at a fast organized pace. Technology is faster paced because of power points, typing, and homework online. Power points allow teachers to move at a faster teaching pace. I believe that typing is faster that writing a paper out. Homework online is easier to grade especially if it is multiple choice because the computer can give out grade scores instead of the teacher.

Technology is very useful in the classroom. I believe that typing a paper is more effective than writing one by hand. Typing a paper as been more effective for me because I can type faster than I can write. Spellcheck is also a useful tool because it picks up on most grammatical errors I usually would not pick up. For me personally, I have very poor legible handwriting. Typing depicts words very legible and I do not have to worry about a reader not understanding my work because they cannot read it. Typing a paper and posting it to forums or blogs, has been more organized. I do not have to worry about printing or losing a handwritten paper. I have had a problem with this because I had left my English paper at home. I could not find it before class and then I received a zero affecting my grade. This would not have happened if I had typed out the paper because I could easily share the work with the teacher before class had started. The assignment is easier to find because simply typing a few key words I can find anywhere on my computer and simply post it without the worries of printing.

I believe technology can help resolve the problems with non-technological based classes. Many teachers use a power point to help them in teaching. It is faster to go through power point because the teacher does not have to write down on a board. The teacher is then more open to questions because they then face you instead of the board. The teacher can talk interactively and still keep a fast productive pace. I have observed that in my Philosophy class, we move form topic to topic at a slow pace. The teacher has to first write all his notes on the board before speaking about it. The teacher then has to turn around and then ask questions. The lesson also cannot be rewound unlike a power point based lesson. My biology class has the use of a power point. I am able to write down notes before class begins to be ahead. I can then listen to the instructor and listen for any key words or phrases he states. For studying, I can go back and go over the power pointed notes. I cannot rewind his speeches but I can go over the main topics of the lesson.

Computers and phones have proven a problem in the classroom. As writer, Tania Lombrozo, claims in her blog is that technology is big distraction in the classroom. It is mainly a problem for the student more than the teacher. A teacher is busy obviously teaching and is less likely to check their phone or email. However, it is easy for a student to be distracted in class. In some of my classes, the teachers have asked students to put their phones away. Phones promote a problem because it is distracting to the student and the other students around him. Lombrozo also found the students do worse in classes that have no restriction of technology than classrooms that did. This is mainly due to the fact of distractions technology poses.I think technology should be used only at appropriate times in the classroom.

Technology is a great resource but I still like paper and pen in some instances. I would rather take notes by writing it out because writing things out helps you memorize the material faster. Typing out notes does not help me memorize like writing it out. I take notes by writing it out in at least two of my classes. For example, my biology notes are taken in Microsoft Notes. In most cases, I usually copy and paste the presentations to my notes. This does not help me learn the material because I am not interactively writing the material down. I find easier to comprehend things when I have written it by hand than by typing the notes.

In conclusion, technology is a helpful tool but I believe the core learning should still be the old concepts. Most students are easily distracted and should be limited in class. However, writing papers and doing homework is beneficial online. I believe many core learning is best the old fashion way. I mean by this in reading and taking notes. A perfect balance is needed but both techniques can be effectively used.

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