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Libbie Doney

With times changing and technology becoming more popular in today’s date, online learning is becoming a bigger topic. In Brooks article, The Campus Tsunami he talks about how online learning is coming, either for better or for worse. Universities have embraced the internet and are now looking to online activity for their futures. Online learning can help students by bringing a whole new perspective to education.
After having an online learning course in College Writing it made me realize that online learning isn’t as bad as people think. I could do the assignment on my own time and with being a student-athlete, this helped me tremendously. Instead of going from morning practice to class and not being fully engaged to listen, I was able to go back and sleep. This allowed me to be prepared for the lesson online and I was able to take things away from it. I could go my own pace and take breaks without worrying about missing something. My experience with this online learning course was a great experience. Personally I can’t sit in class and pay attention that long without day dreaming. Then when I miss something I can’t go back to see what I missed what could have been beneficial for the homework. Learning something is a process and if you can’t listen and pay attention to take good notes then being in class is almost a waste of time.
Online learning doesn’t diminish communication skills. With today’s technology, one can use apps like skype, facetime and even email that will allow interactions with your professors. Students are one click away from contacting their professor and being able to communicate with them from across the world. With this one can still communicate and ask questions even without the professor being right there face to face. In College Writing, we receive our revised drafts through email. If I have questions I can always email back and get a response fairly quickly. Just because this isn’t face to face doesn’t mean I’m not getting all the information I need.
Online learning can help avoid the pitfall of in-class learning, like helicoptering. In the article Rise of the Helicopter Teacher Conn relates helicopter teachers to helicopter parents who hover and put up with rude spoiled children without any discipline. Students expect everything to get handed to them from their teachers. Which is why there is grade inflation, where teachers are passing their kids simply because they don’t want to deal with what might come up if they get a poor score. In schools now what is considered a good grade even, with grade inflation it doesn’t really matter how hard one works because another student might have only worked half has hard but will still pass. With online learning the computer either marks it right or wrong. There is no in between. If you pass then you pass, if you fail then you fail and have to retake the course. Online learning can help students make decisions on their own, like having the responsibility to do their homework and actually reading and watching videos to learn the material.
Online learning gives students the opportunity to access the best professors in the world. Students can learn things from across the world with online learning and they can learn about new experiences as well. Students and Professors can communicate through video chat to learn, which is almost the same as sitting in on a lecture. One wouldn’t have to go to a specific University to get the best education. One could choose their school without worrying about the professors because you would be able to learn from the best professors around the world with online learning. Then the professors at your university would be there to help guide and answer some questions one might have. One could save money by going to a college near them that could be cheaper rather then moving out of state and paying more tuition.
Online learning should be an option to all students. This doesn’t mean all students have to take an online learning class but it gives kids the opportunity to learn something outside of their university and to get a new perspective of learning instead of the usual teacher to student lecturing. With technology changing and becoming more a part of our lives I think online learning will become something great and give people great opportunities to learn new things.

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