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Sam Jaeger

There is one thing that scares a lot of college students about going into college, especially if they have little to no experience of doing this particular “activity”.  What I am trying to hint towards is drinking.  Many people are scared to try it and many have already tried it.  But when does someone know when to stop is the real question.  There are many ways to control drinking to make sure it doesn’t get out of hand.  The main thing is self-control.  But, college campus can help their students with self-control in ways such as classes or counseling.

For people that do not have self-control for drinking, something that colleges could do is offer a noncredit class or a little club to help people get out of their addiction.  This class could show how alcohol affects all parts of the human body both physically and mentally.  It would kind of be like an AA meeting but not that serious.  This would make students see and realize what they are doing to their body and how they are damaging it.  The class would not be a scare factor but an educational teaching on how alcohol is affecting their body.  Then it would be up to the student to see if drinking is for them or if they can handle it.  For example, SNC uses a good counseling system for people with anxiety or depression over in main hall.  They could use a similar system for people who think they have a drinking problem.

Where I came from drinking was not a huge problem.  I do not say that meaning no body drank.  I am saying that drinking was so common in the high school that everybody knew their drinking limit and if someone was drinking our community was so strongly together that there was always someone to take a drunk person home.  Nobody took advantage of someone being drunk because: A, the whole town would have heard about it, and B everybody knew everybody so we were all friends in a way.  Well, people had their social groups but everybody cared about each other in a way.  But my high school knew that there were tons of parties and tons of teenagers drinking and such.

And in all honesty I don’t even think a person is free in college.  I am a person with a very long distance relationship and it would be nice to see my girlfriend but I cannot even do that.  “Why” someone might ask and I have to tell them that my parents still keep me caged like an animal wanting to roam the jungle.  Like a zoo animal wanting to explore the world.  Instead I get told that the law is in the way when really it is my parents.  Yes, they support me but they don’t support my relationships.  This is why I’ve had my heart broken in the past because they want me to be their “little kid” forever and they don’t know when to let me spread my wings.  I am almost 20 years of age and still cannot make my decisions.  All because of law.  They act like I am some criminal in the world waiting to be let out and create utter chaos.  When all I want to do is see my girlfriend, give her a hug, and tell her I love her in person.  But no these petty ass laws keep me from doing anything because my parents don’t want me to grow up.  I don’t even think I will grow up because they have me so chained up in this god forsaken state called Wisconsin it’s like the world is a mystery to me.  I am never going to be able to travel, never going to have my freedom as an individual, never going to get married because my parents never approve of anybody.  Especially if they aren’t white.  Just because my girlfriend is Latino they make her parents out to be a threat to my life.  I never knew my parents were so racist until this relationship.  How we can address worldwide sexual misconduct?  Tell your kids what sex and rape is.  Tell them that the law is preventing them from doing both and if they want to see their girlfriend or boyfriend do something for them good luck because the law won’t let anything happen.  This type of parenting can be further more explained in this article that I was provided by a very useful source.

I lost my parents trust.  I lost it from being an idiot and throwing a party at my house.  I thought I trusted my sister to keep her mouth shut but she didn’t.  And now I have no trust in my family anymore.  Nobody trust me and it has been so difficult to do anything anymore.  If I had trust, I would be able to see my girlfriend.  But I lost everything and I don’t want to lose my girlfriend of anything.  But if I can never see her it is going to make more and more stress for her.  It sucks and there is nothing I can do about it.  How to make the outside of class healthy and positive?  Make the parents know that their kids need to have their wings spread the second they step onto college ground because they are an adult.  They can make their own decisions to learn who they are and how to live life on their own.  That they should be able to make their own decisions and just be given criticism or their parents’ thoughts on things.  But no held back from their heart and mind.  That they should be able to follow their heart, and use their mind while doing so.  That would make things so much easier.  For me personally and for everyone on this campus.

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