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Dia Henderson

IDIS- NCAA schools

November 20, 2016

Pay Them

For decades, America has enjoyed the countless games of football and basketball provided by the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA). Players that attend Division 1 schools are often televised and seen in the public eye, however are not paid for their playing because the are considered ”amateurs”. After all the exposure and advertisement, the players see none of the money, their grades are hindering. Those that see the unjust ways of the NCAA believe attending schools with a lesser population like division two or three schools are better instead of Division one schools because there is less of a sports commitment .There they can be full time students and still participate in sports, instead of being a full time athlete and not having an education to fall back on after sports is over. It can be argued that players make the choice of playing college sports with the hope of becoming professionals and understand the consequences and sacrifices. Still, after hours upon hours of hard work and dedication, basketball and football players from Division 1 schools that are nationally broadcasted should be paid or reimbursed in some way.

During most broadcasted NCAA games, there are multiple advertisement and commercials that appear on TV. From these endorsements the NCAA is a billion dollar organization. Even though the players are the people that make up the NCAA cooperation, the players do not receive a check of no sorts. The NCAA acquires these endorsements from efforts of the players; however, they are still considered amateurs and are not permitted to receive any money or rewards of any sort. Additional help and gifts of any sorts are against the NCAA rules. No even buying a player  a $1 sandwich from McDonalds is against the rules. The NCAA argues , buying  that one player food is showing favoritism and everyone on the team should be equal. . It is ironic that the NCAA coaches are paid hundreds of thousands, even millions of dollars, but the players that actually are doing the work do not receive anything .The NCAA even put out a NCAA basketball and football video games that used the profiles of actual college athletes and still they saw none of the money from the game . They should not be able to make money from people that just want to play a sport they love.

Some students that play for a Division I schools associated with the NCAA grades are poorly affected due to the priority of sports. Most athletes are given an athletic scholarships to attend these schools, and struggle with balancing playing their intended sport and maintaining their academic requirements. Tutors are offered to the players to help them passed their required course, however they are not allowed to go past their hours of tutoring; NCAA rules state: over tutoring is a violation of the NCAA regulation. Those that do struggle to keep appropriate grades to continue playing sports are put in bogus classes or easy credit classes. In these classes students are taught either a language or a subject not related to their intended majors, just handing out passing grades so the players . For example, some athletes are put in classes like Swahili, to be an easy credit class, however these classes are not useful for the athletes future. The NCAA says the players are reimbursed with a good education and all the resources they need, however are put in absurd classes, where they don’t learn much.

High school athletes that want to continue their sports , but still receive a prestigious education tend to attend division two, three, or four colleges. Division three athletes that attend college full time tend to have better grades than athletes in division one schools In small NCAA sponsored schools, there are les people meaning less distraction and more time for students to stay focus.. Where as In division three schools , athletics is more a competitive hobby, and less of a job requirement like in larger schools, this can be a distraction and the student athletes can get distracted. Many people and the NCAA, argue that students should not get paid because they chose to participate and the choice they got themselves into. They believe it’s the student athletes fault for their grades slipping and not having time management. Yet, the school and the NCAA will not let said student fail because they need these athletes to use for their own finical benefit.

After the hard work and dedication of the young men and women that participate in division I athletics, these students are still left unpaid despite the tremendous amount of money they bring to the NCAA organization. The NCAA earns billions dollars from their endorsements and still the players see none of the pay-off. The NCAA claims they are paid with a top notch education, however bogus classes are created so they meet the GPA requirement to continue playing their sport. This decision to play sports is just that, a decision. People make the choice to play sports, however they should still be reimbursed in some way. As much as the NCAA benefits from there players, the players should be treated better.

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