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Jacob Castillo

Throughout my educational career I have found my strengths were in presentations and public speaking.  Having done debate at a very high level it is safe to say I am very good at articulating arguments on the fly.  However my problems with writing has always been organizing my thoughts in a clear and concise argument that gets to the point of whatever I am trying to say.  In ways I have strong and intelligent arguments but my abilities to put them to paper have always been a struggle.  Taking this course I find valuable for the rest of college and as a professional because not only will I have to conduct a number of essays in the future, I also will need to have organized thoughts in written format throughout my professional life should I pursue a career in personal training.  Looking at the four essays we have written this semester it won’t take long what I have learned from this course.

In essay one I submitted a draft.  The topic of this essay was “is the college experience worth it”.  From early drafting many struggles I had with my writing throughout high school appear in this essay.  Specifically in the formatting of this essay.  The main problem I had was having a clear argument.  It was a fairly confusing essay with not much connection from paragraph to paragraph.  Another problem was using the character “you” throughout this rough draft.  It was in this draft and two others where I inappropriately used this character where it should not have gone.  However having this being our first essay, I did not realize the extent to which I had to edit my paper.  So for this I fixed some incorrect grammar mistakes took out the character “you” and submitted it.  It was me not understanding of how to use the revision time well enough that resulted in me receiving a 50 percent on the revision hurting my overall grade in the course.

In essay two the topic for this essay was “what do we want our education to look like.”  The main problem with the draft of this essay was I did not articulate my points very clearly and not every paragraph had a clear point of that I was trying to make.  In the revision I did a lot of rewriting in order to correct these mistakes.   Which was noticed in my feed back of the revision for this essay.  In the revisions feedback it was also stated I need to work with and further develop my “reasons and evidence” as well as having more evidence instead of making statements.  I overall feel that I did offer a solid revision of the essay, correcting the errors of what I thought the revision needed in the first essay.

The draft I wrote for essay three was binge drinking, after having talked about this topic in class on several occasions I thought it to be appropriate to write an essay on it.  Overall I feel that the draft I wrote for this essay had its errors but was my most solid draft of the course.  The main issue with this draft was the need for evidence and further organization of thought.  What I did for the revision was a reconstruction of the essay.  It was said in my feedback that I had a much improved claim of the essay, I agree with this statement.  In addition I feel the paper overall had more of a flow.  The main struggle in this paper was the use of assertion through evidence.  Evidence was probably my largest weakness throughout this course.  That and organized thought as well.

The draft for essay four I wrote on a very limited time and was overall the worst draft I produced in this course.  The large coursework and my work schedule made it hard for me to produce a draft that was anything useful.  What I needed to do for the revision of this essay was almost a complete rewrite of the document.  However it was in this re write where I offered both what I believe to be an organized argument and the most cited evidence I have ever used in a paper for this course.  The rewrite I did for this course was very extensive and necessary.

Overall I feel taking this course has benefited my writing.  I feel having the two separate submissions was extremely effective with offering a higher quality essay over the first two submissions.  I feel I am a stronger writer now because of my use of more organized thought and cited evidence two things I struggled with throughout this course.  I feel my words and arguments in my head are more concise and organized because of taking this course and know it will benefit me in the future.


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