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Shannon McGovern

In IDIS this semester, I have become a better writer. Each one of my essays has gotten better with details, citations and evidence. I was always an A and B writer in high school, so taking this class helped me realize I still needed more development. I did not realize until arriving to college my writing in high school lacked the personal evidence and word choice to advance my writing to the next level. One of the main reasons my writing has become stronger would be the exposure to transitions, which allowed my papers to have a polished connection between paragraphs. At the beginning this semester I can genuinely say that my papers lacked proper evidence and structure, making my papers less commendable and more mature. However, with the introduction of the lessons on evidence I have been able to regenerate a very strong and stable paper.

This course has helped me become a better writer and help me to be more prepared for future college papers. Having the ability to write a well-developed paper will benefit me for the rest of my college career and beyond. Graduating from college and having an education, gives people the impression one is educated and what is said in their paper is worth reading. Even though I am not an English major, the skills I have learned in this class will be with me for the rest of my life.

A huge networking site that is used to share news is called Facebook. Many students go on Facebook and learn about what is happening in the world and how they get educated on important topics. Facebook has become unreliable because articles are not being monitored for correct and current data. I have been on Facebook, and saw articles that seem to be outrages. Sadly the articles that do seem outrageous, are the articles that have false information and sources. Snoodle is a place where I post essays, participate in class discussions and much more. Snoodle only has articles on it that are approved by our teachers, which most of the time means the data is accurate. Technology is good in moderation, but the hard part is being able to decipher between good writing and bad writing.

A lot of schools don’t offer a class like IDIS, which means I am a step ahead of other students whom I will be in the work force with. Connecting the thoughts in one’s head to sources is a major skill to have a well-developed paper, said by a professor who teaches a writing class.  Writing papers with a more descriptive detail is what classes like theology are looking for. I have come to realize since writing my first blog post in IDIS to my last, I have grown so much as a writer and am proud of myself.

I look at my first blog post about college education, I realize that I lack connection between points and evidence. My paper over all flows and is well organized. My essay talks about how student debt is a huge problem for students going to college. I can relate to this article even more, now that a whole semester has pasted. Education here at SNC is very different than at public schools. I had no choice about taking IDIS, and honestly I was annoyed that I had to take it. What I did learn from having this class is how to write essays with a deeper purpose. I learned how to not just write a summary but to connect to the information. I used these skills in my theology class as well, and I truly am grateful for IDIS making theology papers a little easier. Taking the skills I learned from my first IDIS blog post and theology paper, I put into writing my second blog post. My second blog post I worked on putting more of my own connections and opinions and connecting them to the points I was trying to make.

I look at my second blog post, about the issues with online learning compared to in class learning. I think this essay had a lot of good points in it and has a lot of my own opinion. It did lack evidence and sources, but developed in fluidity compared to my first blog post. My writing in this blog post has gotten more mature. Technology is used in my day to day life and I am not sure how I would get through a day without it. I love being able to type essays on my laptop and being able to have one place where I can find answers to my questions. Technology will continue to advance and is continuing to be a major part of how we communicate. Communication is done by writing and being able to communicate effectively parts with knowing how to write. Society, myself included, need to get better at identifying reliable sources and unreliable sources.

Next is my third blog post on college athletics, was easily the essay that was easiest for me to write. I was able to find articles I related to and connected with by being able to communicate my point through my writing. I have been an athlete my whole life and have played many different kinds of sports. College this past semester has been a huge change for me and very stressful along with being overwhelming. Everything I stated in this essay is still true and do think I used useful support to back up my points.  For me personally, I think I would be in a much worse mental state if I didn’t join cheerleading at Saint Norbert.  All the athletes I know who are playing in College love it and say it’s an experience they will not ever forget. Having communication and the ability to relate with others is very important, so being on a team allows students to have experience with this. To be a good team player, one needs to be able to communicate affectively.

Additionally, my fourth blog post is truly one of the things in this world I want to help change. Diversity is a huge part of my growing up and am glad I was raised to see everyone as equal. Being at Saint Norbert has been hard for me because it is so much different than at home. This essay I had many good points connecting to my evidence and had support to back them up. I was taught in this class how to find good sources and use them to make my paper even better.I was very proud of this paper because I could get my points across clearly and had good solid evidence to support it. I was proud of how easily it was to reread this essay, it flowed very well. I learned also when I connect the topics to knowledge I already have, my writing more intelligent and mature.

The most positive thing about this class was the number of places I could go to find help. The power points, articles provided and even the process assignments. I appreciated being able to get a peer review and get feedback in IDIS. In this class learning how to find sources and being able to connect essay topics to current life situations was very beneficial to me. The feedback given for each essay was very beneficial for me by aiding me in realizing exactly were my essays were lacking. I overall have found writing to become easier and have seen myself grow as a writer. Seeing my development from blog post one all the way to blog post four, was a positive change and my style of writing. I will take the improvement of my writing, and use it on future papers.

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