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Evanny Franco


Throughout this entire course the main focus was to grow as a writer and incorporate new techniques. This course has done that for me, I have learned new things to make my work a lot more educated and accurate and I’ve grown as a writer and know how to express my ideas better.  The evidence for that is demonstrated in my work along the course. This course, unlike other writing course, focuses and works on one new technique rather than many at a time. I have learned to become a better writer by adding evidence, citations, better thesis, and how to make my essay flow together.

One of the first techniques we learned in the course was how to cite our sources. This is very important because then the reader can see where the data and facts included in the essay came from. The reader could read more about the topic if they are interested and could find it rather easily. By citing the sources I am also giving credit to the writer for the information I was able to use.

As I take a look at my first blog post in the course, I see that I did some citing of sources but they were only present in one paragraph of the essay. For the rest of the essay there was no more citing of where I was getting my information from. This makes my essay weak, the reader does not know where I am getting the information from. Also it makes my essay unreliable since there is nothing to prove the facts included in the essay.

One thing that I have learned this course is to provide evidence to support my work. By doing this the reader is able to see more of the points I am trying to make and creates everything a bit more reliable. By adding other sources to the work it also makes all the points being made more valid, the reader can see where the information being offered was collected from and that it is accurate information, not made up.

In my second blog post there is evidence present, I also notice that there is a lot more citing to the sources I used which makes the data more reliable. The improvement is present in this post, though some of the evidence could be better worded to make the essay flow better. There could also be better evidence, but it is still an improvement.

Another important technique learned is how to make a more valid and strong thesis.  This helps the reader identify what the main focus of your essay is and to look for the right evidence to support that. The thesis will allow the reader to agree or disagree with the main idea and see if the evidence present supports your main focus so they can see where you are coming from. This course helped me develop a better thesis in my essays.

As I read my third blog post I notice that the thesis is stronger and more clear compared to the ones from my past blog posts. The last two thesis were very vague and unclear, there is still some work that could make the thesis a lot stronger word wise, but compared to my previous posts it is a huge improvement. The use of citing and evidence is also a lot more present which shows the improvement.

One last technique learned in the course was how to make essays more interesting and flow better. For an essay to get the reader’s attention there should be a problem, how to solve the issue you are addressing, and the consequences of not addressing the issue. This way the reader wants to find out more and will continue to read the work. Also the essay will sound a lot better and will flow much more easily making it easier to read and understand.

This technique is demonstrated in my fourth blog post. Throughout my previous posts the essays were much unorganized and did not have a set problem, solution, and consequences. In this last blog post all of them are brought up and makes the essay sound a lot more understandable and easy to read and follow along with. Compared with all my previous posts this one demonstrates a huge amount of improvement.

Throughout the course we learned various techniques to become better writers. We learned how to cite our work, add evidence, and overall how to write a more understandable essay. Along with learning how to be a better writer we also discussed many interesting and important topics that opened our mind and helped us learn more about real issues around us. After this course I will use these techniques to be a better writer and make stronger and more valid points in my work.

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