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Dia Henderson
IDIS Writing
Draft 5
IDIS Writing Reflection

Even at a young age, as kids we go through years of schooling and years of learning about writing. Even in high school my writing was not the best, and I receive little above average on my papers. After coming to St. Norbert, not only has my writing changed due to this course, but also my view on writing also. Before beginning this course I did not clearly understand the proper steps to writing a paper .First to state a thesis, support claims with reliable evidence and most of all take the revisions given to me and apply them to my paper.
A thesis statement proposes an argument of the topic offered whether to agree or disagree. Many high schools teaching systems fail to teach the proper to formatting of a solid thesis. Not only are students not being taught to form a proper thesis, but they are not able to compose a well written paper either. Teacher, Joseph Teller, says “Composition courses must focus on process, not just product.”, meaning that students are told to write multiple essays a year , but are not taught appropriate writing techniques and writing skills. In high school, I learned some techniques and before coming here I was familiar with writing terminology like: thesis, quoting, and body paragraphs. However; after taking this IDIS writing course I’ve learned about these terms, specifically a thesis statement, and more in depth. I learned a thesis statement can also be referred to as an argumentative claim. I also learned a good thesis statement develops throughout the paper being written.
Evidence is reliable articles, sources, or quotes that help prove ones point or thesis. Though many students know that evidence is useful for proving an argument, they are not necessary taught to integrate the evidence in their papers. Also, they aren’t taught which sources to use or whether they are reliable or not. In this class, I recently learned that not all sources are reliable. Some sources of evidence can be based on pure fact or be bias and hold much opinion; especially, when it is better to use sources that have more factual evidence, because these facts can be proven. When quoting from outside sources, it is most helpful that the source is within the past 5 years. Evidence persuades your reader that the argument that’s stated is true or at least reasonable.

From this course, I believe revision and editing a paper is the most important lesson we have learned all semester. Writing a great paper requires multiple drafts. It is not good writing if you write one draft and are done with the paper. Getting your paper edited, not only shows the grammatical errors in a paper, but also gives a different perspective from an outside source. Getting my papers edited is one step I always avoided when writing in high school. I always believed it was an unnecessary step to writing because I didn’t think others would understand the point I was making. Now, I understand that if the people that edit papers do not understand the point I am making then my reader will not understand my point either. From there, I take my edited paper and begin to revise. When revising papers, I’ve also learned that I don’t have to change everything my editor suggested. If believe some things should stay where they are but make sense in that specific part I can.

Over this past semester my writing has progressed in a positive way and will continue to grow over time. I’ve deepened my understanding of the steps of writing a great paper: stating a thesis, supporting the thesis with evidence, and revising a paper. Thesis statements are the argument or main topic of a paper. Without a strong thesis statement, people would not want to read the paper. After stating a strong thesis, reliable, non-biased evidence must help support the argument. Using current evidence that is factually based will help the reader believe the thesis stated. After evidence is provided and the thesis has been supported, someone should edit the paper. Editing and revising are keys components when writing a paper. It gives you another perspective on how to make the paper better or more understandable. My understanding of writing has completely changed. I understand now it a process that could take time and it improves over time.

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