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Kelly Frank

Technology is moving forward in an extremely fast rate. The new technology is spreading  knowledge across the entire planet. When I look at this at first glance it seems great, but once I move in for a closer examination; not everything is as good as it seems. When technology is moved into the classroom, teachers can become lazy and rely on the technology. Inside the classroom, the technology is advancing learning techniques. This is good, but the future might be grim if technology takes over our life. Online classes are a false hope for students. They seem like a great way to connect to better teachers, and a larger variety of classes. Conversely, they take students away from the social aspect of school. Young students, especially, need to have a good mentor to look up too. Hence, students should not have as much technology in the classroom as there is now. They need real life experiences with good teachers.

Students that stay home all day on the computer seem to be less social when they do go out. I noticed when I got into high school all of the students that were home schooled seemed to have a harder time making friends. Eventually they found friend groups, but they never seemed to be go to events like football games. Some did not even go to major events like homecoming and prom. The lack of social interaction is shown in their little social life.

From personal experience, I tend to struggle when I do not have a professor that I can contact if I need help. My freshman year of high school I had surgery and could not go to class for almost an entire week. But thankfully I knew my teachers well, and had the work brought home to me so I could stay on track. If I was in a big college lecture there would be no way to make up those classes. I went to a small high school where the teachers knew all the students. So when deciding where to go to school I knew I had to go to a small school. There are countless amount of students just like me, who need connection to their teachers, so if everyone had to take online classes we would all struggle. When I struggle in a class, and cannot figure out why I am not doing good, I want to consult the professor not a website. When going to a professor you get a direct answer that you asked. While a website might not have the correct answer to the correct question.

Children these days have the highest chances for mental disorders. This can be partially contributed to the way they are taught in school. In Erik N. Martin’s article How World of Warcraft Saved Me and My Education, he explains how he was diagnosed with anorexia due to the pressure of school. This could happen to anyone, and it is not only this one illness but many others also. Some studies have shown that all the video games, and electronics has led to children getting ADD or ADHD. Attention deficit disorder, ADD, and Attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder, ADHD, are becoming more and more common in children. This could be a coincidence but many people believe it is because that the children have so much time in front of video games. So if more technology is put into classrooms it can cause more distraction. At my old grade school they installed a new technology called smart boards. They were just like whiteboards, mixed with projectors. Every student wanted to find ways to mess with it, or try to figure out how to use it for everything but its primary use.

Technology can also make teachers lazy. They can use it as an alternative to teaching by assigning videos as homework instead of creating a lesson plan with real homework. Even worse than this is a helicopter teacher. I had a teacher in high school that would be classified as a “helicopter teacher.” In Steven Conn’s article about helicopter teachers he explains that a helicopter teacher is someone who “is the spoon-feeding…They hover. They are endlessly accommodating.” My helicopter teacher combined grade inflation and constant hovering. He gave us an assignment to finish by the end of the semester, then he proceeded to give us multiple weeks to work in class. Then when my class went to turn in the assignment, he just gave everyone a 100 percent on it. My high school is known not to grade inflate, that was the only teacher that I know who did it, and I do not want to have a reputation of going to schools that have grade inflation.

I want my education to look like success in the future. My education should put me on the top of the job prospects, also it should give me not only a degree but experience needed to do my job. I would like my education to not only open up jobs for me, but to give me an advanced thought process. I hope to achieve this through a liberal arts education. In  Michael S. Roth’s article, he talks about how “A well-rounded education gave graduates more tools with which to solve problems, broader perspectives through which to see opportunities and a deeper capacity to build a more humane society.” Liberal arts schools give their students this well-rounded education. With my major, environmental science,  I hope to help society with some of the biggest issues we face. So not only will I help society but I can do it with a humane way.

In conclusion, technology is moving fast and can help educate people, but it also can cause just as many problems as it solves. Online classes can cause young students to become less social, and even cause them to get ADD or ADHD. Also with technology teachers can become lazy and unmotivated, or even  become helicopter teachers. Finally, technology and education can mix, but it should all be in moderation.


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