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Bright Boachie

Throughout my seventeen years of education, there have been of a lot of change. New lessons are being taught, teachers have developed new ways of teaching students and the most noticeable change, technology. The use of technology in higher education has become a reliable source for not only students but teachers as well. Teachers are now conducting online classes for students. Students are able to find new information to help them understand the lesson being taught. Technology has become a major source in every aspect of higher education but despite the widespread use of technology, it also provides some challenges for students. With technology in classrooms, students are faced with some issues, for instance distraction, cheating as well as laziness in their studies.  Even though technology has become a big part of our education, it has also serves as an obstacle in a student success. Technology can be unfavorable to students and we should think about getting rid of it in most classrooms.

Computers are available in almost every classroom in today’s educations. With that being said, nearly every student owns a computer. Some professors have given students the opportunity to use their computers to take notes in class. It seems that students seem to not be only taking notes but they have multiple tabs open where they are performing other tasks on there. As a student, I have experienced similar things where I would have Facebook, twitter or Espn opened. All this do is distract me from the lesson. My writing class is the only class I need use my laptop in and it’s the only class I pay the least attention in. Usually I have multiple tabs and windows opened, which most of them has nothing to do with the class. Because of that I have to go over some of the lesson by myself after class. For instance, on the previous process assignment we had to do, I was playing a game on my computer, didn’t pay attention to the lesson and as a result, I had to go over it myself later on but I still wasn’t able to understand it so I was able to complete the process assignment. Students’ innate curiosity, coupled with their tech savvy could lead to more online socializing in environments where devices are easily accessible.


Technology creates distraction between the student and the lesson. Due to these distractions, students are not able to pay as much attention in classrooms leading to low scores in their exams or tests. Tania Lombroza, the author of Is It Time To Ban Computers From Classrooms? Explained in her article of how a student who takes notes on their laptops tends to have low-test scores than the ones who take notes by hand. Lambrozo mentioned how “evidence suggests that computer-based multitasking can reduce student learning, not only for those students using devices but also for their distracted neighbors”. She makes the point that even the students next to the person with the laptop get distracted. Being a student, I’ve experienced this issue; a kid in my chemistry class, who sits next to me uses he laptop to take notes but most of the time he’s on a different website and I tend to take a peak once in a while. This action usually leads to a loss of focus and I lose my understanding of what the professor is teaching.


Technology has changed the way most students study outside the classroom. With technology, especially the internet, students have become lazy and usually do not put much effort in their studies. Due to the amount of resources provided through the internet, students are bound to cheat on assignments. Whenever I was assigned a reading assignment, I make sure I reading so that I can understand it but ever since I started using technology, I have become lazy and usually tries to find summaries of the reading on the internet and that is not always the best idea. For instance, during my junior year in high school, my English teacher assigned us a ten-page article to read but since I have been relying on the internet, I did not read the article but read found a summary online and read that instead. On the next class meeting, my teacher gave us a test on the reading. I thought I was ready but I ended up failing the test because I did not read the article.


Technology in schools has also increase students’ motivation to cheat on assignments. There are programs on the internet charging students to do their work for them. During my freshman year in high school, my history teacher gave us a big writing assignment. She gave us the opportunity to do research online and as I did my research, I came across a lot of information. I ended up using that information in my paper and didn’t cite it. Because I was able to find those information, I didn’t put my time into my paper and used the information I found as my own. In other words, technology giving students an easier access to other people works; plagiarism. Plagiarism has become a huge concern in schools as schools make students sign contracts. Before reporting to campus are St. Norbert students had to sign such a contract, the Snc academic honor code. This has foster concerns for teachers as they find it hard to know if the work turned in by the student is their own work.


Lastly, technology has come to replace teacher. Numerous of online classes are being hold for students. Online learning is becoming a big issue in higher education and it causing other teachers to lose their jobs. Online learning is not the best way to learning at least not for me. I tried online learning one time and it was through this class. We had to learn a lesson on making a claim and I wasn’t able to understand it but on the next our professor went over the same lesson in class and I was able to understand that.


Technology might serve as a key to students’ success in higher education but it’s also serve as an obstacle to students. With the use of technology, students are not as focus in classrooms. Also, technology has led to students not doing their own work since all the resources are online and easy to find. This has led to a huge problem of plagiarism in higher education where schools now have contracts for the students to sign so they don’t plagiarize. Technology has even gone far as its starting to replace teacher in schools.

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