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Evanny Franco

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Online learning is taking over liberal arts learning in many convenient ways. Taking classes online is helping students stay in focus and actively participate in the class discussions. In a new online school program, known as Minerva, recently opened up for students. This school has had a great start and is hoping to really expand and maybe even replace colleges. Online schools are not only time saving but also could help kids not deal with “helicopter” teachers.  These sorts of teachers are stopping kids from learning the way they should and learn to be independent. There are just various reasons why online classes are definitely better than classes in a classroom.  

Online learning is very convenient and efficient for students, time is saved and they are able to take the classes in any place they desire. With online classes, you can take them on a laptop, which means you can go to a café, be at your house, at a friend’s house, practically any place you want to. This is very helpful for students who may have a job or just a busy life in general and cannot go to a class in person. Also, having to attend college is very expensive especially if you plan to live on campus or are moving to another city or state. Being able to take online classes makes life easier since you only pay for the classes.

Taking these online classes allows students to engage and focus on the lesson they are receiving.  Often being around other students can cause distractions, students talk to each other when in the same classes as friends or just zone out when the professors give lectures. With online classes, students can settle themselves in a quiet area, like their room or a library for example, this allows them to focus on the lesson. Another great benefit is that they are in small classes with only a few other classmates and in front of a computer forced to listen and not talk to the other classmates.

Personally, I took an online lesson and it was definitely a good experience. I was able to go at my own pace and I was more focused than I usually am in class.  I woke up later than I usually do to go to school, also after about three examples I was able to understand the idea of the lesson which if I was in a class I have to listen and stay the entire class even if I already understood. In addition, it was very nice to be able to be in the comfort of my home.

A new online college called Minerva has small classes of about eight students each along with the professor. For each class the students are called on randomly and they must all contribute to the discussion. At times they are broken down to small groups to discuss even further and listen better to what each one thinks. This online college has 45-minute classes with up to eight students per class and the instructor. The students are forced to participate, as the instructor calls on each one of them to answer questions and also bring their opinion into the discussion. Students are also put into groups to discuss even more in depth about certain topics and have a better chance to hear each other’s ideas. There is no time for students to doze off or talk since the class is small and they are randomly called on. T This also allows students to actually think about the lesson and not just the professor guide the whole lesson and provide all the answers with a lecture.

There is a new term for many teachers, they are known as “helicopter” teachers. Teachers are given that name because they sort of “hover” over their students and guide them too much in lessons. Teachers now a days often provide students with a syllabus describing the whole year and what they plan to teach them, also often for assignments or essays they give students an outline explaining what they want and look for which basically writes out everything out for students and they just fill in the blanks. Often teachers make arrangements on tests or due dates on assignments because they either do not want to deal with the bad grades, since that might make them look bad and others to doubt their teaching, or just do not want to deal with grading. Another detail is that they are scared to let their students fail. This is terrible for students, they just are not able to think and learn by making mistakes. Students become excessively dependent and are not able to function without this guide. For example, in an article speaking about “helicopter” teachers, describes a situation when a teacher was starting a new class and decided to give an assignment and one of the students asked where the outline and syllabus for the year was. The teacher was very confused as to what the student was asking for. This made the teacher realize how dependent students are on these kinds of guides, these kids felt lost without an outline telling them what was required in the assignment.

In conclusion, online classes are starting to take over regular classes in classrooms. There are countless reasons why online learning is further beneficial.  From time saving to more convenient are just some of the great benefits. Also online classes help save money while allowing students to be more independent and learn better. As time goes by online colleges are starting to take over and eventually they plan to eliminate classes in a classroom.



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