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Evanny Franco

This country has showed much progress throughout the years, especially when it comes to equality. At this point in time, many would agree that there is equality for almost everyone and racism is almost not existent. However, after the presidential election it was proven that none of those ideas and beliefs are accurate. This election showed that there is still racism and hatred. Riots and attack broke out all around the country. Around the entire country citizens were attacked because of their race, religion, or sexual orientation. Yet, despite all these problems there is a way to make this issue better and that is to educate students about race and diversity, they should be required to take this sort of course. This would help to educate these students about each race, sexual orientation and so on. Students would be more accepting of everyone therefor decreasing hatred and racism.

After the recent presidential election there have been various racist outbreaks around the country. One of these many events occurred at York County School of Technology in Pennsylvania, the next day after Donald Trump was elected president two students were filmed walking in their school hallways carrying a Trump sign and yelling “white power”. Two other students said they were harassed since last October but the harassment got worse after the election. The students also said that many of their classmates left early that Wednesday and many others did not attend school Thursday because of the situation. It is alarming to see people reacting this hateful way after the election, however, there is a way to help solve this issue. In the article “One Class All Students Should take” the author, Albert Laguna, speaks about the issue of racism in college campuses. Albert talks about students excluding and disrespecting other students because of their race and even faculty members who are using other students culture as a costume. The reason for this sort of issue is that many of the students are not properly educated on the topic of diversity. Many students do not learn about the topic because they simply either have no interest at all or because they are scared of speaking about such a controversial topic. The solution would be to teach students about this very important topic, this could help students be more respectful and accepting which is very important to help everyone feel safe.

A good example of the hatred that still happens was one that happened earlier this year. There was a letter written to president Obama suggesting that some exemptions should be made in the laws against discrimination, against sexual orientation to be exact, later that same year another letter was written. The first letter did not receive as much attention as the second, after people found out about this letter they were very distressed. The letters were basically asking the president to allow discrimination against others.  Of course the president refused to do such thing.

Despite all the terrible events happening around the country and all the uneducated people, there are good things also happening. At a college in Missouri students were very upset at the outcome of the election and the way it was decided. To express this, they protested, Trump heard about this protest and about many others and said it was basically irrational for them to be protesting. The professors at this college in Missouri were completely supporting their students and were also very upset about the presidential outcome. They all united to stand against the hatred Trump is spreading, which is exactly what everyone should do.

This nation has proved that it remains strong and united even after the most tragic events have happened but after the presidential election this country also proves that racism and hate continue. A good possible solution to this issue is to educate the young generations so they can grow up and continue to fight for rights like many have done through the years and this country can become better.

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