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Sam Jaeger

Schools today promote the use of technology in almost every subject. Even if the class does not have the use of technology in the course there is still use of technology to learn more about it. Modern day classes do not have as much face to face contact as they did in the past. Some teachers will not even feel like coming to classes some days because they can just put the lecture online. I feel that the face to face lectures are so much better for learning because there are so much more things one can do if they do not understand the material instead of just googling it. There are also many more distractions when one is on a computer. For example, when I am doing work on my computer I find myself going onto YouTube to look up how to do something then end up watching funny videos. Or I find myself “taking a break” and turning on a video game and then I waste an hour of good learning time.

           I want a full on personal and professional experience with my education. But, I feel as if it is taught through a computer can result in similar teachings as in the classroom. I had an easy time writing the things I needed to and grasped the topic pretty well. I did not find it difficult to write but if I did I would have asked questions via email or go in to talk to my professor. It will also be difficult to master something or professionalize in something when the teacher of the subject is not there to help you. But, there is the teacher at hand if you need anything or have any questions so online courses would relieve so much stress.

There are many ways that teachers decide to teach their class. I have had the spoon feeder teacher where they literally give someone everything they need to use and then they correct it for them so it is exactly how the teacher wants it. Then I have had the teacher who is the hardest grader in the world because they tell everybody almost absolutely nothing. Some innovations I would like to see teachers use is teaching in class but still is able to get a well explained assignment on the internet here and there. This could help me catch up on me sleep time! But seriously a teacher that could make in class and online lessons almost exactly the same would be a life saver and could make a lot of people’s days some days.

Speaking of teachers, there is a type of teacher that there is a love hate relationship with so many people, the helicopter teacher. Introducing the helicopter teacher, he/she will watch what one is doing in class at all times, he/she will look at your grades and assignments 24/7 and bug someone nonstop until it is turned in or has been completed. The helicopter teacher, now in schools worldwide. That is what people think a helicopter teacher is. I believe that there is a good version of a helicopter teacher and then there is that version of a helicopter teacher. I know what both are like because luckily I have had both in my high school. The bad version, literally every time he saw me in the halls, asked me or reminded me of an assignment that was due or missing. It annoyed the living God out of me and sometimes I wanted to punch him in the face because all he was doing was annoying me. He also punished me for having an assignment a day late, really badly. He even knew what I was going through and he still had no mercy he was like Satan himself. Then I had the good helicopter teacher. She waited until I got in the room to say anything and made sure that I got everything done. She didn’t punish me for having an assignment a day late because she knew what I was going through. She was a life saver even though she was just my German teacher she literally saved my high school career.

This leads me to explaining how I would like to have my classes. Personally, I would love to have online classes. The community would still be able to connect with each other because we all live on campus. The freedom to do ones work at ones pace though is incredibly useful. It helps the student brain storming abilities increase in my opinion. Also it allows for people to catch up on their rest. Rest is important for the student because a student cannot learn at their fullest potential when the brain is tired. This is the reason why some students struggle too. They stay up all night typing a paper or studying for an exam they have the next morning that they are too tired and cannot think in the morning of the test. So having classes online would be so helpful in making students successful. Having class online also saves a student time for cleaning up their assignment in the morning so the work done is touched up and understandable. Online classes have so many key points in being successful I don’t know why it is not a major thing yet.

This brings me to my conclusion about helicopter teachers to online classes to ways teachers teach in their classes. I am not saying that all my ways will make the perfect teacher, but in my world that teacher would be the perfect teacher. There are just too many things to discover about teachers and teaching policies and in class and out of class teaching that I have not discovered yet. I cannot wait to discover all of these ways to figure out which one I like best. But for now these are the ways that I like best out of teachers and teaching ways.

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