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Brian Herrera

What does diversity look like to you?  SNC’s theme every year is communio, which means fellowship, and community and much more. Many people also believe that the world itself has more to improve with diversity and poverty as well. In doing so, they can teach others about things they may have never known just as poverty can as well. We could get a better understanding of what it is like to be that person by understanding where they come from. I believe this problem will matter to the readers because many people do not put much thought into this topic as they probably should. The issue with this is that, it will lead people to not come together and get along and learn more. In my opinion SNC can do a much better job in supporting diversity.

Racism is a worldwide issue that has been around for a very long time now. It’s an issue because some people do not even try to be racist but can offend someone, or a group, at the same time which then can lead to protest (boycotts), violence, and even teachers/professors to quit their jobs. In another article written by Albert Laguna, talks about racism. “The principle of the University of Missouri resigned after black football players promised to boycott games in response to his administration’s failure to adequately address racially charged incidents on campus.” I believe racism will always be an issue and will never be eliminated. Since we know in time the only thing that has changed is segregation. Not much has changed after that other than having an African American as president but that does not have much relevance. As of now we still have a lot of work we can do in order to try and fix this issue. One way is what Laguna states in her article, “But by being in an ethnic studies classroom, students have the chance to explore just how deeply entrenched racial preconceptions are in the American imagination and the ways in which those preconceptions are less obvious but no less impactful on the lives of people of color, as recent studies on implicit bias have shown.”

To immigrants coming from different countries it means a lot because America is one of the best countries in the world. In an article by Alexandra W. Logue and Samuel L. Shrank, can give a good explanation on why many immigrants come to the U.S. in the first place. One main factor is higher education. They come in hopes to not only get a job and have a better life, but also to give their children a better life and a better education they themselves were not able to receive during their childhood lives. It’s hard for them to give their children a better education when they do not receive any support to help pay for the tuition.

    Some schools must provide evidence of why students are not accepted instead of based on their race or ethnicity. According to Sheen S. Levine and David Stark, Diversity Makes You Brighter. In this article it gives a good example of the harm it can do to someone. “Ms. Fisher invokes the promise of equal protection contained in the 14th Amendment, reminding us that judging people by their ancestry, rather than by their merits, risks demeaning their dignity.” One way diversity makes us brighter is that, it can improve the way people think. As stated in the first paragraph, we could get a better understanding of them and their culture, which in other words can make us smarter. Another thing stated in the article is, if many people were the same ethnicity they were more likely to copy each other, making the wrong choice. With these findings, it is a good representation of how social action between people of the same ethnicity takes part.

    Overall, these are examples of how diversity should be more acceptable, racism be less existing, and how people should just be more together as a community. The whole world as a whole is not together, and is in constant war and it never will be together. With constant war and racism out in the world it will never be at peace. Many people expect their to be peace, but I believe in order for their to be peace it will be something close to impossible. I say this because even if racism were to be eliminated, there will still be war and even then I am sure that it will have to do with either the beliefs, threats or ethnicity of the enemy in some way.

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