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Bright Boachie

It has been proven to me that writing is the one thing if any, a college student at least at St. Norbert college should know how to do. However, writing papers is not one of my strong attributes and that I struggle doing it. I know this because before reporting to campus, incoming freshmen were asked to take a writing test, which I failed. Thus, I had to take a writing class which is why I ended up in this class. As many would say, taking this class has increased my writing dramatically, “As I’ve come to expect in your writing, there are a good deal of strong insights, good evidence, and interesting sources in play here”. This is a statement from blog post four’s feedback that you gave me and it shows how my writing skills have been improved.

When I started this class, I felt that I knew a considerable amount about composing. In any case, as it advanced it soon turned out to be obvious that I knew far less that I thought. This class has demonstrated to me best practices to take my own abilities, and adjust them to fit every sort of composing. It has likewise shown me how to take my own circumstances and frame them into various styles of composing. This class has helped me to concentrate on coordinating my written work into the right level of dialect as well as making sure I’m speak to right audiences.

The lessons that were taught helped me developed my writing skills. Through these lessons, I’ve learned how to construct a well-developed sentences and paragraphs, which if you put together, make a great paper. The lessons like “develop your reasons and claims together, acknowledge and response to objections, and how to report evidence” has increase my knowledge on structuring a paper. It seemed that every paper we wrote in this class, these three topics were something we had to touch on.

One of the most important things that I learned in this class was being able to revise my own work as well as helping a partner. Paper revision was a big part of this class and usually everyone in the class has some type of revision to do once we receive our feedback from you. For the most part, the revision I had to make was developing my claim or the focus of a certain paragraph and making it more clear or understandable. Usually when I do that, I must revise my reasons and evidence as well. For instance, all my blog post except blog post 4, “I would separate this second point out into a new paragraph and develop it further” this statement was made in some type of way in your feedback to me. Due to that, I’ve stress on making sure my points are clear in my papers.

Finally, being a student at St Norbert College, I had to write at least three papers for each class that I was in. taking this writing class helped me developed a well written and detail papers for those class. In fact, I received a B or higher for a grade on every writing assignment I had to do for my classes besides this one.

On the off chance that this class would not have gave me every one of the advantages I acquired from it, I think I would have battled however it significantly more and I would not have the evaluations I have now. This class truly helped me have a superior comprehension in composing and it helped me have a superior comprehension in a ton of things. Although a portion of the things that we would discuss in this class I had effectively caught wind of them, I took in significantly more in here than anyplace else because we had an unmistakable view about everything. Regardless I trust that everything in this class is great as it is and I would not transform anything about it. The pace we use to work in this class is truly quick however I believe that is the most ideal approach to keep out brains centered and around errand. One thing that I would have preferred would have been having more opportunity to work in gatherings with the goal that we could have mingled more. Other than that, I truly delighted in being a piece of this class and I have an inclination that it was an extraordinary ordeal.

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