i Ways to Make College Worth the Price | College Writing: Debate(s) In Higher Education

Micah Stovall

College is a different experience, especially to incoming freshman, who do not know what to expect. College can be worth it for both introverts and extroverts. Students may join clubs or make friends to enjoy college more. However, college is an expensive experience worth the thousands of dollars. College is a debt causing experience.. Student loans in America are an unfair system that is not beneficial to the student. The New York Times writer, Dynarski, explains how unfair the system is and how America can possible fix it. College students after college do not make enough money to keep up with the multiple payments. I hope to take on as less debt as possible by trying to get a job on campus. College is an expensive experience, so I will make the most of it.

Schooling is the main reason people attend college. Therefore, it makes sense to try and do my best and make the schooling my number one obligation. College is not cheap and it would be logical to get every bang for my buck. I plan on getting every cent worth by succeeding academically in college. There are many great strategies to succeed in college. If I get good grades, a graduate school could be cheaper through scholarships for your performance in undergraduate school. To do well, it takes studying, going to every class, and doing assignments. If I have questions I will not hesitate to contact a professor. This a strategy could be the difference between an A or a B. Going to class is encouraged because it is where the learning begins. It is common sense to show up to class unless there is a legit reason to miss like sickness, for example. Studying is a must if I expect to get good grades. Very few students can absorb and remember material in one sitting. I plan on studying at least fifty hours a week to excel in my classes. Even though studying is not enjoyable, it is important in getting exceptional grades. Doing the homework and turning assignments in on time is self-explanatory. I would like to achieve as much as I can as a student and improve my skills as a student. By getting acceptable grades, it can make expensive college worth every penny.

Succeeding in college is important for getting a well-paying job. By succeeding in undergraduate school, it makes being accepted into graduate school much easier. I plan on going to graduate school to get my doctorate. I plan on trying to get into medical school. Therefore, succeeding in undergraduate are a must in order to be accepted to medical college. I hope to be accepted to the Wisconsin Medical College of Green Bay. Career goals are easy to achieve when doing well in college.

Getting involved could help relieve the stress from trying to do my best in college. I plan on getting involved by doing intramural sports. It is a good way to make friends and a great way to be active. I plan on doing basketball, dodgeball, and maybe some other intramural sport. Even though I do not play and collegiate sports, I can still be active and play competitive sports. Intramural sports are a great way to be active but, there are more ways to be active on campus.

Volunteering for service projects is another great option. Doing service work is especially rewarding because I get to help people that desperately need it. I would like to partake in helping people. I would want to volunteer at a food drive. At my high school, we volunteered many times in the community. The St. Norbert Sturzl Center is a great resource on campus for volunteering. I hope to join a Pre-Health club that gets involved with helping the sick or elderly. There are many ways that make college enjoyable and getting involved is one reason.

A main reason it is hard to go to college is not knowing any other students. Making friends can be easy or hard experience for students. Through volunteering and intramurals, I have made many friends. I made many friends in high school but it is also good to make more friends especially at college. I still have some friends I talk to of course, but college is a chance to make friendships that can last a lifetime. College is easier to deal with and more worth it with a group of friends. Having a group of friends makes college more enjoyable because then being away from home is more tolerable. Having friends also can mean making teams in intramurals easier and I can easily practice if you choose so because communication with my friend compared to strangers is easier. Having friends could also mean a study buddy. Studying could be more easily obtained because of better communication. I’m more opt to talk to your friend than a stranger. Making friends is worth going to college all on its own.

In conclusion, college can be worth it if I get involved, get superb grades, and make many friends. College is what I make of it. College is as worth it as I make of it.  I plan on doing all three of the points I have made to get the most out of college. College is going to be stressful and sometimes hard to deal with. With careful planning and relaxation, college can be worth all the money, stress, and disappointments.



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