i College Education is Worth the Debt | College Writing: Debate(s) In Higher Education

Shannon McGovern

College cost a lot of money. Quite frankly it cost too much. Student debt is a large problem and it bothers me students have to pay large sums of money to get an education. In today’s society, getting a college education is essential. College price tags are very different, but no matter the type of college, money is needed to attend. The government doesn’t give enough money to help students. In turn, students have to take out large student loans, with full interest rates and a smaller number of grants are handed out from the government. In America, students also don’t have much time after they graduate to pay off their loans because the government allows a small amount of time before the loan must be paid. This causes many students to have debt almost half of their life.

I think following how other countries handle upper level education, would allow American graduates to live a happier and more productive lives. The loan debt payment plans in other countries have a longer span of time in which they need to be paid off. Other countries see employment as very beneficial for everyone and the government understands what people go through. Like it says in the article, Student loan debt in America , the knowledge that is learned in undergraduate school and graduate school will last a life time, therefore the students should have longer than 10 years to pay them off. Everyone goes through good and bad years of income. In America, the payments come monthly no matter the circumstances and if you apply to get the payments decreased it takes months for it to be processed. College student debt is unbelievably high and something needs to be done to help make it less stressful and more manageable to get an education.

To come to SNC was not a simple decision for me. SNC was not my first choice, nor was it my third of where to get my college education. I have been a cheerleader for as long as I remember and always have been a die-hard Packer fan. These were my main reason for applying to SNC. All my life I have wanted to go to a big school, attend football games, join a sorority and have a large pool of people socially to interact with. When I tried out for cheerleading here at SNC, it made me so happy and just pushed me into the direction to come to school here. I received a very generous amount of money in scholarships from SNC, which was more than I got from most of the other schools I applied. I wish I went to a bigger school, closer to home, but I know I am getting a great education here at SNC along with continuing my passion of cheerleading.

I will make the most of the resources and education here at SNC. My major is biology. I have always had a fascination with the human body, how things work, and how to make it better. I plan attend grad school as well, which means I will be in school, paying tuition, for a long time. I have set myself to high expectations by always being the best I can be and working hard. I intend on bringing these with me every day. The biology program at SNC offers many classes and opportunities few Liberal Arts schools have. One of the reasons why I wanted to go to a larger university was for the research opportunities and also have a college dedicated to my major. SNC offers many classes in the science fields, which is something I really appreciate. Attending graduate school is something I have always been passionate about. I understand how much work it is to get into graduate school and it is a challenge I plan to take on. SNC is a place that will help me become ready for that challenge.

As said above, my major is biology and I find taking classes not in my major help me have a well-rounded education. Liberal art schools teach a lot about yourself, the outside world, and help you with the ability to communicate effectively. I believe a liberal arts college can be very beneficial depending on the person, their major, and the state of mind. Major universities teach fundamental skills, but liberal art schools teach the application of the fundamental skills. Within every major there are qualities one needs they cannot learn in major specific classes. The advantage of liberal arts schools is having the ability to take a wide range of courses. My major is biology and I find taking classes not in my major help me have a well-rounded education. It shows different ways of interaction and problem solving, it helps me become a better learner and student. A well rounded education will allow me to provide the necessary skills to excel in my career.

When I think of college, I imagine a place that teaches me how to be the best I can be and help me discover who I am. College is once in a life time opportunity and needs to be taken advantage of by always trying my best, stepping out of my comfort zone, and learning as much as possible before entering the real world. It is very important to me to remember that it’s the little imprinted things I will remember, not the stressful nights before taking a test. The whole college experience is what will lead and prepare me for the rest of my life. The things I will remember are the people I met, the experiences I will have, and how good it felt to accomplish my assignments. The money I will be spending on my education is scary, but in the end it will push me to do as well as I can. I want to make every opportunity that comes my way worth it, no matter the dollar amount.

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