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AJ Floodstrand

In today’s fast growing social media world, the quality and skills of an education such as writing are in need of a drastic positive change. A 2011 nationwide test fund that nearly twenty- four percent of students in eighth grade and twelfth grade were proficient in writing and only three were advanced in writing skills. If that’s not scary, the world’s leading social media empire  Facebook is the world’s largest news source. Writing happens in everyday activity, whenever it is writing a grocery list or texting a friend. It is essential that every individual possesses and learns superior writing skills to be successful in life.

One of the problems that can be pointed to the inadequacy of writing skills is the increasingly large amount of emojis usage. A 2015 United Kingdom Study showed that an emoji is the fastest growing language that is surpassing ancient times of communications such as hieroglyphics. The emoji obsession shows that in Social Media websites such as Facebook and Instagram emojis are used about half of every sentence that should be a word. Children are learning how to use an emoji faster than how to write a clear concise essay.

In addition to that problem, it also seems that students are unable to recognize the reliability of a source.  A Stanford University finds that most students can not distinguish which news is fake.  Eighty- two percent of middle school students failed to realize and understand which type of source is true. This is significantly important because the study also indicated that by the age a child reaches middle school they are on the internet for seven and a half hours a day. When children are on the internet for that long it’s extremely difficult to not come up across a fake source and not believe it without being taught how to distinguish a real source from a fake source.  It’s important to teach students the reliability of source because it not only integrates valuable reading skills it also teaches skills they will carry with them past their education.

In a way to attempt the low proficient writing scores, Common Core aims to prepare students to improve their writing ability.  Common Core an education standard requires that students write fluently in all classes, not just English. While Common Core is trying help students increase everyone writing skills, it significantly lacks the how. As a student who was affected by Common Core I can appreciate their intentions but from my perspective, it decreases the learning and improvements. In my high school Geometry class instead of being taught directly by my teacher it was a collaborative learning environment by discussing the math process by members in a group. This did not improve my writing skills but it did improve my frustrations for math.

To sufficiency prepare for post-secondary education students Professor John Werner, of believes he has a potential solution to the inadequacy of writing skill and reading ability. Werner believes that is a disconnection between the first year of the college curriculum. Students are unable to successfully write a paper that includes information to build a successful essay. He believes that other professors could help students go over this hump by breaking down the writing piece into chunks and informing the students to think of what they will write in their paper. This way the student has a clear understanding of the genre and the expectations of the essay.

       At St. Norbert there is a class to beat the low writing statistics and help students with their writing ability. College Writing is designated as a writing recovery course for those students who have not meet the requirements of St. Norbert’s writing philosophy. While before entering this class I knew I needed to improve on all my writing skills but I didn’t know what to improve exactly. Throughout my writing development of five blog posts, I believe I was able to improve my writing ability and skill.

In my first blog post, I was able to express my feelings about the costly college education and how it will be worth it. In this essay, I was able to engage my thoughts and opinions about how I will be able complete the high debt College Education by putting every ounce of effort to into my path. This blog post was the start of my path developing my writing skills as it re-emphasized to me the foundations of how to write a clear yet concise essay.

       My second blog post was similar to my first blog post but it demonstrated much more than just my opinion.  In this blog post, I was able to enhance my knowledge of reading and analyzing arguments by breaking them into their components parts.  This blog post was debating which type of education such as online learning or in person is better for a student. In this essay, I was able to clearly stake a claim that I believe that in class learning is the best way for students to learn. In addition, I was able to offer reasons and evidence that supported my claim from offering my personal anecdotes, statistics and the opinion of my peers. I also engaged by persuading the readers to the idea that in- class learning is the best way for a student to become an active learner.

In my third blog post which was pinpointing the acknowledgment response of writing. This unit specified how to find a correct source and identify the pros/cons of the source and how to correctly identify a true source. As Facebook is the world’s largest leader in the news as been accused of spreading fake news it is important to learn how to identify the source and how it relates to the world. For example, we learned that the websites with the domain of .edu, .gov, .org are typically the sources to look at while researching for evidence. However, it is always good to be mindful of what websites and writers have a bias outlook.

My fourth blog post was another important impact on the above- acknowledged writing skills. In this blog post, I was able to research to inform readers of the importance of my topic, inclusiveness’. I was able to create an introduction that included a contestable, supportable, and specific claim about the need for inclusion for those who have intellectual and/or developmental disabilities. In my body paragraphs, I offered reasons why we need to provide awareness and inclusions with those who have IDD. In addition, I provided reliable evidence from sources with an edu, .org, and .gov domain.  I also demonstrated my knowledge regarding acknowledgment response by creating a respectful response paragraph to those who may not agree with my opinion. In all, I was able to establish the values of inclusiveness, while demonstrating my writing skills.

 This course has taught me and reemphasized the importance to read/analyze arguments, accurately summarize information, help my organization, clarity, engage in academic dialogue and overall write a clearly but precise essay. I believe that this course helps decrease the issues of low writing ability and reading skill.

While some may believe that writing and reading are not important, it is.  Yet, it’s hard to name an occupation that doesn’t include superior writing skills and reading ability. Being able to write and read is an extremely important skill to have because an individual will always be being doing it in their lifetime. 

In a day and age that reading ability is decreasing and the ability to write a clear cohesive essay is becoming unpopular it’s important to not become a part of the statistic. It’s not just skill to learn how to write well but an ability to do so.  In order to be successful and promote the importance of literature we must teach other individuals not how to write but to able to read and write clearly.By being able to write clearly it develops analytical skills and enhances communication skills that are indeed worthy of having in life.


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