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Brittany Vosen

Writing has been a part of everyone’s education since kindergarten. In kindergarten, you first learn the letters of the alphabet and then from there you learn how to write your name and how to write small sentences. As you progress through elementary school and middle school, you learn how to write more complex papers to help prepare you for high school. In high school, you learn how to write more scholarly papers to prepare you for college and the real world. It is important that writing is a major part of education because writing is included in almost every career and job opportunity in the world.

For me, I always thought writing a good paper was always easy to come by. In fact, during high school, I was a grade ahead in English class and took two AP English courses: AP Language Arts and AP Literature. During my junior year, I took AP Language Arts and even though I did not pass the AP test, I believe I benefitted greatly from taking that class. Senior year is when I took AP Literature and I ended up passing the AP test with a 3. Despite these AP English courses that I took in high school, I was still placed in IDIS, a beginners English course, at SNC.

With the information from the advanced classes I took in high school still in my head, I believed I did not belong in a beginners course, but that belief of mine quickly changed. The first blog post I turned in for IDIS I got an 82%. This was a complete surprise for me because I have never gotten below an A- on any paper that I have ever written. When I saw this grade I knew I had to change my attitude towards this class and start trying harder. After the first blog post for IDIS, I started getting better grades on the following papers. This did not just happen with changing my attitude about the class, it happened by developing my knowledge about writing. For example, I learned how to strengthen my writing through the organization of how my paper is written and what kind of sources to use to support my opinions. I also learned how to acknowledge and respond to a source that is against my opinion in order to strengthen my paper.

My second blog post is where I improved the most from the first draft to the final draft. The purpose of this paper was to offer an argument and support that argument with reasoning and evidence. My first draft of the paper I thought was perfect until I got my feedback from my professor. Professor Scheler pointed out in my paper that “there’s almost literally nothing here that I can see as evidence!”. I was confused at first but then I looked back at the powerpoints to review what evidence is and realized what I was doing wrong. I did a whole revision of my paper to include evidence to support my reasoning and got a 91% on the final draft. This is just how one new technique of writing changed my paper completely and potentially got me a better grade for the paper as well.

The fourth blog post for IDIS is the paper that I am most proud of. In this paper, I used all I have learned in IDIS to present an argument that I am passionate about. I used appropriate sources to support my argument as evidence, a source that went against my argument that I could acknowledge and respond to and organized my paper in the most effective way to allow readers to follow along while understanding the argument that was being presented. I received feedback on how to further improve my paper, but my professor was overall impressed with my work and said: “I think you’ve taken leaps ahead in your writing here”. Using the feedback to revise my paper, I am confident when saying I believe that paper is near to perfect.

All the techniques that I learned in IDIS not only helped me write more scholarly papers for the class but for many of my other classes as well. This is one reason why writing is important because writing is included in almost every course in college, high school, middle school, and even elementary school. Without writing being incorporated in courses outside of English, then those courses would not be able to excel in the way they do now. Writing is not only important in school, but it is also important in the real world because writing is included in everything in the world, whether that be included in a job or just scrolling through facebook. As a society, we must understand the importance of writing because it is everywhere.


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