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Kelly Frank

All languages have a written form, but for some reason people value other classes over learning more about their own language. English is a very complex language with a lot of rules, and a lot of exceptions to the rules. Also teachers have their own ways of having papers formatted. With so many rules writing should be taught more than it is. Writing is an under appreciated art form, and it is a very necessary one also. Every student should have to take a writing class because writing is an important and very necessary skill.

This was the first class I have taken that was completely dedicated to writing, and it has really improved my writing. This class has showed me a side of writing that I have no thought about before. I used to write my thesis statement then revolve my paper around that single sentence. That one sentence would form my entire paper. But this is just the contrary. This was a big problem for me because I would write a thesis and be stuck with it. I would write about half of the paper and not be able to finish it, so one half of my papers would be mediocre. You should write a thesis then the paper and if the paper does not completely reflect the thesis then revise it. This is a cycle that continues as you write the paper. In the end the thesis might be completely different from you started but the paper will make the most sense and be better all around.

Working in a class of fellow writers is a great way to learn more things. Authors do not publish their works without sending it to an editor first, so why should a research paper be any different. Peer reviewing is a great exercise that teaches multiple lessons. It teaches you to see from readers point of view. When that person edits your paper it is the first time they have read it, and can tell you if a point is confusing. Peer review also lets you look at someone else’s paper. This can give you a fresh idea on how to express your ideas.

Besides learning ways to rewrite and revise a paper, I also learned how to format for an online post. When writing for an online post the writer can use words that they should not use in a research paper, like first person and second person pronouns. Online you also use a different format, which includes no indents and also skipping lines after paragraphs. The writer does this because it is easier to read online. The indents are unnecessary and the gaps make the writing easier on the eyes to read.

People today will read articles and see them as fact without checking the sources. Facebook has been putting fake news articles out for a while now and people have been exception them with no hesitation. Damon Beres says it perfectly in his article Facebook failed America this year — now it should kill the News Feed. He explains how Facebook “sucks as a new enterprise.” People go to Facebook to post pictures and check on friends and family, they should not go there to check the news. People are unaware on how to evaluate sources. When checking if your sources to see if they are reliable there is a checklist to go through. Is the article on a well know website or published by a well know publisher? Is the author a well known author or expert in their field? Is the author’s work cited and do they show where they get their information from? These are just a few of the questions I have learned to use when looking for a reliable source.

Writing class does not only improve your writing but also improves your way to convey your opinion. Writing is used in just about every subject. The skills I have learned in this class will not only help me in this class, but in every class I take in the future. This class has showed me many writing skills that I might use for the rest of my life. Hence, Every student should have to take a writing class because writing is an important and very necessary skill.

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